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PEG Link Mode (PCI Express Graphics Link Mode) is a feature available in the BIOS of some ASUS motherboards, which automatically overclocks the video card by a small amount. The possible settings for the option are Auto, Slow (Disabled), Normal, Fast, and Faster. The effects of the various settings are dependent on the type of video card.

The release of this technology by ASUS brought complaints by other manufacturers such as Gigabyte Technology, who claimed that ASUS was using the setting to show their motherboards ran better than other brands - without explaining the usage of the setting was responsible.[1] ASUS replied that the setting was in fact documented, but the setting description provides little explanation: "PEG Link Mode: Sets the PCI Express Graphics link mode."

However, the setting is considered to be a less effective overclock method than current methods with, for example, RivaTuner are.