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Industry Construction
Founded 1969 by Artur Schwörer (died 2009)
Headquarters Weißenhorn, Germany
Area served
Key people
Alexander Schwörer,
Dr. Fabian Kracht
Leonhard Braig
Products Formwork, Scaffolding, Engineering
Revenue Increase 1,300 million (2015)
Number of employees
7,700 (2015)

With a turnover of EUR 1,333 million in 2016, PERI is today one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of formwork and scaffolding systems. Central functions, development and production facilities are located in Weissenhorn,Germany since the founding of the company in 1969. Through its 8,100 employees, over 60 subsidiaries and 120 storage sites, PERI sells system equipment and services related to formwork and scaffolding technology.


PERI was founded in 1969 in Weißenhorn, Germany, by Artur Schwörer (died 2009). The company's name is taken from the Greek preposition "peri" (English: around). The first product was the T 70 V wooden lattice girder belt which had a patented node connection. This was replaced by the GT 24 girder in 1985. The ACS (Automatic Climbing System) was PERI's development of a self-climbing technology system. This technology enables the casting of tall buildings with minimal crane use. At the beginning of the 1980s, PERI was at the forefront of using aluminum in the construction business.

In january 2009, Artur Schwörer was awarded the Bavarian Order of Merit for his lifes´s work.

Product overview[edit]

The PERI product range can be divided into five areas:


The manufactured products in the formwork area include wall formwork, column formwork, slab formwork, climbing systems, stage systems, self-climbing formwork, shoring, props, formwork panels, brace frames for single-sided concreting and anchor systems.


The scaffolding product range includes working scaffold for construction, facade and industrial as well as shoring, access solutions and working scaffolds.


Worldwide more than 850 PERI engineers work on individual formwork and scaffolding solutions. The focus is on the analysis and optimization of integrated processes.

Plywood and panel trade[edit]

PERI offers coated and uncoated formwork panels. PERI holds plywood ready for applications in paving industry, vehicle construction, precast concrete plants, timber construction and packing industry.

Complementary Products[edit]

In addition, PERI offers other products and services: Formwork and scaffolding rental, cleaning and repair of formwork systems, formwork installation, training in the PERI training center, instruction on the job-site and own planning software.


Projects that PERI is or was involved in:


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