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PESA 120Na-Warsaw001.jpg
120Na in Warsaw
PredecessorPESA 120N
Capacity40 (Seated)
161 (Standing)
Train length30 120 mm
Width2 350 mm
Height3 400 mm
Floor height350 mm
Articulated sections3 (5 body sections)
Maximum speed70 km/h
Power output420 kW (4 x 105 kW)
Track gauge1 435 mm,1000 mm, 1009 mm (Sofia)

PESA 120Na SWING is a tram manufactured by a Polish company PESA in Bydgoszcz. It is a 100% low-floor, five-section vehicle based on the 120N model.

The first company to order PESA 120Na SWING trams was Warsaw Tramway, which ordered 186 units. The delivery started in summer 2010 and it is expected that by the end of 2012 already about 100 units will have been delivered.[1]


City Company Units purchased
Warsaw tram PESA 120Na at Most poniatowskiego.jpg Poland Warsaw Warsaw Tramways 180 + 6 Duo
PESA 120Na in Gdansk December 2010.JPG Poland Gdańsk Gdansk Tramways 35
PESA 120Na, Szczecin, Poland (1).jpg Poland Szczecin Szczecin Tramways 28
Szeged 1-es villamos Aradi vértanúk tere próbajárat 2012-01-11.JPG Hungary Szeged SZKT 9
Cluj-Napoca, PESA 81, 2012.06.07.jpg Romania Cluj-Napoca CTP 4
PESA 121NaK in Bydgoszcz.jpg Russia Kaliningrad Kaliningrad-GorTrans 1
Straßenbahn Pesa in Sofia.jpg Bulgaria Sofia Stolichen Electrotransport EAD 25


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