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27WEb-001 Wisla Glebce.jpg
Manufacturer Pesa SA
Family name Elf
Constructed 2010-
Entered service 2011
Number under construction 16
Number built 73
Number in service 73
Fleet numbers EN76 (4 section); EN62(3 section), 27WE (6 section), EN96 (2 section)
Operator(s) Koleje Śląskie, Koleje Mazowieckie, SKM Warsaw, Przewozy Regionalne in Świętokrzyskie Voivodship
Train length depending on configuration
Width 2880mm (UIC 505-1)
Height 4280mm
Platform height 550mm
Maximum speed up to 190km/h, mainly 160km/h
Traction system electric
Prime mover(s) 4x400kW, 4x500kW, 6x 400kW, 6x500kW
Acceleration around 1m/s²
Power supply 3 kV DC (may be modified for 25 kV AC or 15 kV AC)
Train heating Catenary
Electric system(s) IGBT
Current collection method pantograph
Coupling system Scharfenberg
Multiple working yes, up to 3 units
Track gauge 1435mm

The Elf ( electric low floor) is an electric multiple unit developed by Polish rolling-stock manufacturer Pesa SA.[1] It is intended for commuter and regional service where platform height is 550mm.[2] It is based on earlier EMU designs named ED59 and ED74.[3] A Pesa Elf was exhibited at InnoTrans 2010.[4]



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