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A pet is an animal kept primarily for company, protection or entertainment.

Pet or PET may also refer to:


Arts and entertainment[edit]

  • "Personal Electronic Thing" in the Starship Titanic video game, part of the player-computer persona communications system
  • Personal Terminal (Mega Man), a handheld device used in the Mega Man Battle Network video games
  • Pet (album), the debut album by Fur Patrol
  • Pet (film), a 2016 American/Spanish psychological thriller
  • Pet (manga), a manga series by Ranjō Miyake
  • Pet (novel), a 2019 young adult speculative fiction novel by Nigerian author Akwaeke Emezi



Organizations and businesses[edit]

  • Politiets Efterretningstjeneste, the national intelligence security agency of Denmark
  • PET International, non-profit organization that promotes and supports Personal Energy Transportation
  • Pet, Inc., an American producer of evaporated milk and other food products, now part of General Mills
  • Pet Airways, an American company specializing in the transportation of pets



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