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Developer(s)PHP-Fusion Inc.
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Operating systemUnix-like, Windows
TypeBlog software, Content Management System, Content Management Framework, user management software, social networking software
LicenseAGPL v3[1]

PHP-Fusion is a constantly evolving free and open-source web framework based on PHP and MySQL that has an integrated content management system (CMS) among many other features. It's primary attribute of note is that is an extremely collaborative system.

To function, PHP-Fusion has to be installed on a web server, this can be either locally hosted or remotely hosted.




The use of themes allows a user to further customize their website's aesthetics. With the ability to set a separate theme for both the administrative panel and the public panel. Themes can be downloaded from the site's repository or created from scratch and integrated for added customization.


Infusions are non-essential features that can be activated alongside the core systems of PHP-Fusion. They allow for additional benefits on the site ranging from forum software and blogs to an image gallery.


Awards and recognition[edit]

Release history[edit]

Version 6[edit]

The last version of the 6er series of the CMS is the 6.01.19. Version 6 was replaced by version 7. There are no further updates except for any security updates for version 6. Since the final version 7.01 on August 1, 2010, the 6-series of CMS is not supported by the English development team.

Version 7[edit]

PHP-Fusion 7 has been released since August 11, 2008 in its final version. It followed with 7.01 (1 August 2010) and 7.02 (19 April 2011) two developments.

Version 8[edit]

PHP-Fusion 8 was scheduled for release but was delayed indefinitely due to many complications; in-part changes in project direction and fast-paced changes in regards to PHP7, HTML5, etc.

Version 9[edit]

PHP-fusion 9.0 Stable was released April 7th, 2017[2].


Future Releases[edit]

PHP-Fusion 9.x Code name: Andromeda is currently in development with no slated release date.





No known vulnerabilities.

Development and support[edit]

Key team members[edit]


  • Frederick MC Chan - Lead Developer
  • Joakim Falk - Project Manager
  • Róbert "RobiNN" Kelčák - Web Developer
  • Sebestyén "karrak1" Gábor - Web Developer
  • Kevin "Satan" Koyle - Development Manager / Producer


Support for PHP-Fusion can be attained through their website,

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