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PHPRunner logotype 64x64.png
Stable release
Development status Active
Operating system Windows
Type Web application framework / Template Engine
License Proprietary

PHPRunner is a rapid application development (RAD) software for creating database-driven web applications.[2] It is a code generator and templating engine that separates the presentation layer from the coding layer, allowing web designers and developers to work on the same web application independently.

PHPRunner was first released by Xlinesoft on December 5, 2004.[3]


PHPRunner utilizes wizards for creating edit and search forms, grids, reports and charts without the need for programming. The databases it supports include MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, Firebird, SQLIte, PostgreSQL, and Oracle, as well as any other ODBC-compatible database. PHPRunner generates PHP code.

PHPRunner features an interactive user interface (UI) designed for the creation of web applications. PHPRunner allows to change visual appearance of web application using Style and Visual Editors. PHPRunner keeps the application separate from the code it generates, so that database structure can be changed as project grows.


Here are listed technologies which used, when the application is ready and running.

  • OOP - The generated application is Object Oriented. Every structural element, like database connection, grid, edit controls, search panel etc. are all objects. Objects can be manipulated via server-side PHP code or via Javascript API.
  • Templating - PHPRunner uses html template pages to generate visible internet sites. Templates of web pages may be previewed before making it "live." Each web application page consists of xxx.htm template file and xxx.php code file. There are also events and settings files ( xxx_events.php and xxx_settings.php respectively).
  • Customization - PHPRunner provides an extensive events model to set up custom code for handling events not fully addressed by the built-in features.

Application generating technologies[edit]

  • PHP

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