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Stable release 2.1 / April 24, 2013 (2013-04-24)
Operating system Cross-platform
Platform PHP 5.3
Available in Multilingual
Type Web application framework
License BSD License

PHPixie is a PHP open source web application framework that implements the HMVC pattern.


PHPixie started in early 2012 as a fork of Kohana framework aiming to tailor it for read-only websites with performance in mind. In July 2012 patches covered most of the Kohana core so the decision was made to rewrite the system from the ground up resulting in the 1.0 release.[1]

Project guideline[edit]

The project guideline is:

  • Focus on speed and page load time.[2]
  • Focusing of providing a modular and flexible architecture.
  • Unlike some other lightweight frameworks that don't provide a full stack of features PHPixie does provide a limited full stack that sacrifices features for efficiency.
  • PHPixie should be easy to learn and immediately understandable to developers with experience in Codeigniter or Kohana.
  • While providing a stable codebase it mustn't stand in developers' way by forcing high level abstractions.

Architecture overview[3][edit]

  • As of version 1.25 PHPixie is written in PHP 5.3.
  • PSR-0 compliance
  • Distributed as a set of Composer packages
  • Convention over configuration approach.
  • Any core component can be easily overridden.
  • Modular approach to components.

Features overview[edit]

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