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The Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) was founded in 1951 and is the only national organisation representing qualified urban and regional planners and other related disciplines in Australia. Originally known as the Regional and Town Planning Institute, it later became the Royal Australian Planning Institute, until 2002 when the current name was adopted.[1]

PIA represents approximately 5000 members nationally and internationally. It is governed by a National Board of Directors and managed by a professional administration. It is a member-based organisation with its management complemented by volunteers, who support and contribute to its activities on various levels.

PIA runs a number of events at both the National and State/Territory levels, including an annual National Congress, an Annual State Conference in most States/Territories, professional development seminars, and a number of social occasions. PIA also presents State and National Awards for Planning Excellence to recognise and publicise outstanding achievements in planning and design, and has a code of professional conduct to which all members are required to adhere.

PIA is closely aligned with a global network of other planning professional bodies throughout the world including the American Planning Association (APA) and Royal Town Planning Institute.

PIA also publishes Australian Planner (RAPL 0729-3682), Australia's leading peer-reviewed journal for the planning profession, and the most read and influential planning journal in Australia and the Pacific Region.[citation needed] It is published quarterly, distributed in March, June, September and December each year.[2]

National Congress[edit]

The Planning Institute of Australia holds an annual National Congress on a roational basis between the capital cities.

Congress Location and Theme

  • 2018 - Perth - Frontiers of Planning
  • 2017 - Sydney - Growing Up: Growing Out
  • 2016 - Brisbane
  • 2015 - Melbourne - Great Places
  • 2014 - Sydney - Connecting People & Ideas
  • 2013 - Canberra - Celebrate the Value of Planning: Past, Present and Future
  • 2012 - Adelaide - 'Planning for a Sunburnt Country'
  • 2011 - Hobart - 'Critical Mass, Planning Engages the World'
  • 2010 - New Zealand - Planning Pathways to the Future

University affiliation[edit]

The Institute works closely Australian universities providing accreditation to town planning courses and programs. The current list of accredited programs includes:[3]


New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia


Western Australia


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