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PJ Katie's Farm was a Canadian children's television program[1] featuring the live-action manipulation of model clay figures and was hosted/narrated/acted/voiced/improvised by actress Jennifer Racicot as PJ Katie.

The show was originally developed from interstitial segments on YTV's The Treehouse and The Alley, before becoming its own series.


The show was extremely low budget and is notable because of this[citation needed]. It was set mostly in front of the little barn made from popsicle sticks, on top of a long tabletop, that sometimes extended out to other settings, such as the large crater where the eggs from outer space landed.

PJ Katie did all of the voices for the animals, and especially enjoyed voicing the whine of Rosebeekee the hamster. The script was clearly improvised by Katie, and often has obvious bloopers where the animals would fall over or roll off the table, and they were almost always knocked around by her elbows and arms. She would cover up these mistakes with dialog such as "Sorry that I knocked you over, Blue! Are you okay?"

The crude technical presentation of the show was clearly a source of humour and part of the show's appeal. Frenetic and at times inspired performances by Katie captivated the viewer for the brief show.


PJ Katie's Farm attracted modest cult attention from a small audience.[2] The show was extremely popular with children, and audiences as old as college students, who could appreciate Katie's hyperactive and ironic behaviour.


The theme song was sung by PJ Katie herself, and each episode was greeted with her yelling "You are here for PJKTYSFRMPJKTYSFRMPJKTYSFRM!".

Theme song lyrics[edit]

On Katie's Farm, imagination's the rule,
Dippe the cat, so calm and cool;
Demi and D'arci and Ed come along,
Delilah the Cow she's everyone's mom;
Bryce the Collie barks and runs free,
while Blue the Horse naps under a tree;
Percival pig just squeals all the time!
Rosebeekee hamster whiiiines!
Join the gang for adventures and fun,
Katie's farm is for everyone!

Rights bought by Nelvana[edit]

In 1998, Nelvana bought distribution rights to the entire series. However, they have not distributed the show since then.[3]


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