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PML Flightlink were a Hampshire based firm specialising in the design and manufacture of "pancake" (flat) electric motors. The company operated for over 30 years in a number of markets including defense, aerospace, mobility, motion control, processing and printing.[1] In 2006, they demonstrated an in-wheel electric motor for cars called the Hi-Pa Drive at the British Motor Show in London, using a Mini dubbed the "Mini QED" as a demonstration object.[2] Two other car manufacturers have also presented concept cars using this technology: Volvo in its Volvo ReCharge, and Ford with a Ford F150 pick-up prototype presented at the 2008 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.[3]

Administration and split[edit]

On 28 November 2008 by UK court order PML was put into administration[4] (insolvency handling in the UK similar to Chapter 11). After the court case, PML was split in two in 2009: Protean Electric continue to develop automotive in-wheel motor applications of the Hi-Pa Drive; and Printed Motor Works design and manufacture Printed Armature/Pancake electric motors, joysticks and drive systems.[5]


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