PMP Floating Bridge

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Hungarian PMP Pontoon Bridge, that crosses the Sava river at Slavonski Brod, Croatia, 1996.
Four pontoon elements

The PMP Floating Bridge is a type of mobile pontoon bridge designed by the Soviet Union after the World War II. The bridge's design enables for a quick assembly of its parts.[1] It has a carrying capacity of 60 tons.[1] The bridge was originally mounted on a Kr AZ-214, but later transferred to a Kr AZ-255.[2] During the process of its deployment, a truck carrying the bridge is backed alongside the edge of a body of water. The bridge is then rolled off where it unfolds automatically. The bridge spans 382 metres, load capacity 20 tons, or 227 m, load capacity 60 tons, with 32 river pontoons, 12 bridging boats and four shore pontoons.[3]

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