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PM Entertainment
PM Entertainment Group Inc.
IndustryMotion pictures
SuccessorEcho Bridge Home Entertainment
Key people
Joseph Merhi, Richard Pepin (founders), George Shamieh
OwnerIndependent (1989–2000)
The Harvey Entertainment Group (2000-2002)
Echo Bridge Home Entertainment (2002-present)

PM Entertainment Group Inc. was an American independent film production company which produced a distinctive line of low-to-medium budget films mostly targeted for home-video market.

In 1986, Joseph Toufik Merhi, an indie film director and producer, founded the production company City Lights with producer Ronald L. Gilchrist for his first movie Hollywood In Trouble. Around 1989, after splitting from producer Ronald Gilchrist’s City Lights, Merhi started PM Entertainment along with fellow director Richard Pepin (PM Entertainment from surnames Pepin-Merhi). Soon, George Shamieh joined as the third partner. The company was sold to The Harvey Entertainment Group in 2000 and closed soon after. In 2003, the movie library was sold to Film Library Acquisition Corporation (FLAC), now renamed Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. PM Entertainment's library consisted of over 150 films and 2 TV series. The most noticeable recurring actors were Cynthia Rothrock, Richard Norton, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Jack Scalia, Jeff Wincott and Traci Lords.

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