PM M71 Floating Bridge

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PM M71 is a mobile pontoon bridge license by Yugoslavia from Soviet-designed PMP Floating Bridge. It's similar to the Soviet, beside using Yugoslav-made trucks and boats, and the pontoons are filled with Polyurethane foam, so when hit, it won't sink. The process of deployment is same as for Soviet PMP. The older version of PM M71 had a FAP 2220 BDS truck, while newer uses FAP 2026 BDS/A and FAP 2026 BS/AVG.

The PM M71 includes:

  • 32 floating sections (pontoons),
  • 4 abutment sections,
  • 2 road covers,
  • 12 RPP M68 tugboats,
  • 38 FAP 2026 BDS/A trucks for transportation of the sections,
  • 12 FAP 2026 BDS/AVG trucks for towing of tugboats,
  • other accompanying elements (boats, tools, accessories, etc.)

The complete set of PM M71 equipment is used to construct 20 ton and 60 ton carrying capacity bridges and 20 ton up to 180 ton carrying capacity ferries.

PM M71 was primary designed and used by Yugoslav People's Army, and today by Croatian Army and River Flotilla of Serbian Armed Forces two pontoon battalions.