PNS Tariq (1973)

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Name: PNS Tariq
Operator: Pakistan Navy
Builder: Yarrow Shipbuilders
Yard number: 1008
Laid down: 1 September 1971
Launched: 18 January 1973
Acquired: 28 July 1993
Status: in active service
General characteristics
Class and type: Type 21 frigate
Displacement: 3,250 tons full load
Length: 384 ft (117 m)
Beam: 41 ft 9 in (12.73 m)
Draught: 19 ft 6 in (5.94 m)
Speed: 32 knots (59 km/h)
  • 4,000 nautical miles at 17 knots (7,400 km at 31 km/h)
  • 1,200 nautical miles at 30 knots (2,220 km at 56 km/h)
Complement: 177
Aircraft carried: 1 Lynx

PNS Tariq is a Type 21 frigate of the Pakistan navy. She was formerly HMS Ambuscade in Royal Navy service being acquired in 1993 and is still in service. She was built by Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland.

Service history[edit]

HMS Ambuscade was decommissioned and sold to Pakistan on 28 July 1993 being renamed PNS Tariq.[1] Exocet was not transferred to Pakistan and Tariq had her obsolete Sea Cat launcher removed. A quadruple Harpoon missile launcher was fitted in place of the Exocet launchers and a Phalanx CIWS was fitted in place of the Sea Cat launcher. SRBOC chaff launchers and 20 mm and 30 mm guns were fitted.

Tariq remains in service with the Pakistan Navy. Captain Asad Ali Imran PN is the current commanding officer of the ship[citation needed].


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