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POPAI The Global Association for Marketing at-Retail is an international trade association for the marketing at-retail industry, founded in 1936. (POPAI - Point of Purchase Advertising International).

Education, globalization, technology, advocacy and elevating Marketing at Retail as a measured medium on a par with print, broadcast, and other advertising mediums are the driving strategies behind POPAI’s direction. Throughout the years POPAI focused on strengthening global partnerships, enriching research & educational programs, and utilizing technology.

As the Marketing at-Retail’s non-profit trade association, association is responsible for establishing and maintaining industry standards. POPAI has taken the lead in not only standardizing the terminology, but is also working to establish new industry standards for measurement, technology and education. In doing so POPAI is raising the standards of quality throughout the industry and improving the consumer’s experience in the marketplace.

In partnership with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) is leading an industry-wide, global initiative to establish measurement standards for Marketing at-Retail. Educational and Professional Certification programs provide the right blend of academic and practical hands-on education that raise the standard of professionalism and quality of work throughout our industry. The POPAI Outstanding Merchandising Achievement (OMA) awards provide a venue for exposure and recognition for company’s marketing at-retail programs.

POPAI offers access to global information, learnings, resources and networking. POPAI members learn how Marketing at-Retail works in other regions of the world and have access to local resources for effective execution.

Digital Signage Standards[edit]

POPAI's Digital Signage Standards Committee created three new subcommittees to focus on critically needed standards for Screen Media Formats, Media Players Interoperability and Server Intercommunications.


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