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This article is about the Slovenian television channel. For the free-to-air television channel in the UK, see Pop (UK TV channel). For the US television channel, see Pop (U.S. TV channel).
Launched 1995
Owned by CME
Slogan "Polepšamo dan" / "We Make Day More Beautiful"
Country Slovenija
Sister channel(s) Kanal A, KINO, BRIO, OTO
Website Official web page

POP TV is the flagship television channel of the commercial multimedia company PRO PLUS d.o.o. in Slovenia.

It has the highest ratings in Slovenia as measured by the AGB Nielsen Media Research in 2013.[citation needed] It has received several Reader’s Digest's Trusted Brand awards. Since December 2010, POP TV programming is available in the digital (DVB-T) technique. It is a part of the national digital multiplex called multiplex C since October 2013.


POP TV has received more than 39 Viktors, which are awards for media achievements and achievements in popular culture in Slovenia.

At the international festival PROMAX, which is a festival for promoters and advertisers in the electronic media, POP TV has received five awards for its promotional achievements. Two in Athens in April 2005: Gold medal in the category Best News Promo for the promotional spot for the show Confirmed! and gold medal in the category Never Broadcast Promo for the film Minority Report. POP TV received medals at the international festival in 2002: Gold medal in the category Best Drama Promo for the promotional spot for the series Profiler, in 2001 silver medal in the category Best Quiz Promo for the promo for Millionaire and in 2000 gold medal for the best promotional spot for the film In the Line of Fire.

For the fifth year in a row POP TV was awarded the Trusted Brand title (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) among TV stations, as the most trustworthy and popular brand among consumers.

News programs[edit]

POP TV has news during the entire day with the programs 24UR In the Afternoon, 24UR and 24UR at Night. Since March 17, 2009 there is also a weather forecast 24UR Weather at five minutes to seven in the evening, every Sunday Vizita and on Saturdays TV Club (TV Klub). Viewers are offered weekly investigative news show Confirmed! on Tuesdays. In addition to domestic informative and entertainment programs, the station offers foreign production (series, telenovelas, films) and during weekends cartoons for children (OTO ČIRAČARA).

Current Programming[edit]

National Created Shows[edit]

Original name Format Day
24ur Daily news every day
24ur popoldne Afternoon news weekdays
24ur zvečer News at night weekdays
24ur vreme Weather broadcast every day
Preverjeno! Documentary lifestyle magazine Tuesday
Moja mama kuha bolje! Slovenian version of Mi madre cocina mejor que la tuya Monday - Wednesday
Eurojackpot Lottery show Friday
Na Žaru: Z Ladom Bizovičarjem TV event, Slovenian version of Roast every few sundays

National Created Series[edit]

Original name Format Day
Usodno vino 2nd season of slovenian soap opera Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
Trdoglavci reruns of Slovenian sitcom Thursday & Friday

Internationally Created Series[edit]

Original name Slovenian name Day
House of Anubis Anubisova hiša Weekdays
Hart of Dixie Zdravnica malega mesta Weekdays
CSI: New York Na kraju zločina: New York Monday - Thursday
The Night Shift Nočna izmena Monday - Thursday
Awake Buden Monday - Thursday
Al di là del lago Jezero skrite ljubezni Tuesday

Internationally Created Shows[edit]

Original name Slovenian name Day
The Dr. Oz Show Dr. Oz Weekdays
Cupcake Wars Kuharski dvoboj tortic Weekdays
All for Kids Otroci, to smo mi Weekends
Thintervention with Jackie Warner Zdravo hujšanje Weekends

Internationally Created Telenoveles[edit]

Original name Slovenian name Day
Muchacha italiana viene a casarse Italjanska nevesta Weekdays
Lo imperdonable Odpuščanje ljubezni Weekdays
Vatre ivanjske Plamen v očeh Weekdays

Internationally Created Animated Series[edit]

Original name Slovenian name Day
Miffy and Friends Mifi Weekdays
Finley the Fire Engine Florjan, gasilski avto Weekdays
Lulu Vroumette Želvica Lulu weekends
Conni Kaja every day
Shopkins Shopkinsi Weekdays
Die Biene Maja Čebelica Maja Weekdays
Grenadine and Peppermint Pikica in Pepermint Weekdays
The Adventures of Chuck and Friends Chuck in prijatelji Weekends
Bibi Blocksberg Radovednica Bibi Weekends
The Smurfs Smrkci Weekends
Masha and the Bear Maša in medved Weekends
Masha's Tales Mašine pripovedke Weekends
Wendy Wendy Weekends
Winx Club Winx klub Weekends
The New Adventures fo Peter Pan Peter Pan Weekends
Horrid Henry Grozni Gašper Weekends
Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Ninjago Mojstri Spinjitzu Weekends
Ask Lara Vprašaj Laro Weekends
Florrie's Dragons Florini zmajčki Weekends
Busy Buses Veseli avtobuski Weekends

Coming Soon to POP TV[edit]

National Created Shows[edit]

Original name Format Launch
Znan obraz ima svoj glas 3rd season, Slovenina version of Your Face Sounds Familiar spring 2016
MasterChef Slovenija 2nd season, Slovenian version of Masterchef spring 2016
Dan najlepših sanj 2nd season, show where wishes are fullfiled spring 2016
Delovna akcija Slovenian version of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition spring 2016
Hipnoza: Dobra zabava Slovenian version of You're Back in the Room spring 2016
Polona ga žge 2nd season of family cooking show spring 2016
Bitka parov Slovenian version of Power Couple spring 2016
Survivor: Filipini Slovenian version of Survivor autumn 2016

National Created Series[edit]

Original name Format Day
Takle mamo Slovenian version of sitcom Scènes de ménages spring 2016

Past Programming[edit]

National Created Shows[edit]

Reality Shows[edit]

  • MasterChef Slovenija (Slovenian version of MasterChef)
    • 1st season: spring 2015
  • TOP 4 s Tjašo Kokalj (business/beauty reality show)
    • 2nd season: autumn 2014 (moved to POP TV from Kanal A after first season)
    • 3rd season: autumn 2015
  • Gostilna išče šefa (Slovenian original licensed version)
    • 1st season: autumn 2012
    • 2nd season: autumn 2013
    • 3rd season: autumn 2014
    • 4th season: autumn 2015
  • X Factor Slovenija (Slovenian version of The X Factor)
    • 1st season: spring 2012
  • Slovenija ima Talent (Slovenian version of Got Talent)
    • 1st season: spring 2010
    • 2nd season: spring 2011
    • 3rd season: spring 2013
    • 4th season: autumn 2014
    • 5th season: autumn 2015
  • Big Brother Slavnih (Slovenian version of Celebrity format of Big Brother)
    • 1st season: autumn 2010
  • Kmetija Slavnih (Slovenian version of Celebrity format of The Farm)
    • 1st season: autumn 2009
  • Kmetija (Slovenian version of The Farm)
    • 1st season: autumn 2007
    • 2nd season: autumn 2008
    • 3rd season: autumn 2011
  • Bar (Slovenian version of The Bar)
    • 1st season: autumn 2005
    • 2nd season: autumn 2006
  • Sanjska ženska (Slovenian version of The Bachelorette)
    • 1st season: spring 2005
    • 2nd season: spring 2006

Game Shows[edit]

  • Minuta do zmage (Slovenian version of Minute to Win It)
    • 1st season: spring 2011
    • 2nd season: autumn 2011
    • 3rd season: spring 2012
  • 1,2,3, kdo dobi? (quiz show)
    • 1998-2001
  • Super POP (music game show)
    • 1998
  • Pop kviz (quiz show)
    • 1996

Other Shows[edit]

  • Zdravo, Tereza! (cooking show - vegan food)
    • 1st season: autumn 2015
  • Polona ga žge (cooking show - family meals)
    • 1st season: autumn 2015
  • Vrtičkanje (gardening show)
    • 1st season: automn 2014
    • 2nd season: spring 2015
  • Dan najlepših sanj (show where wishes are fullfiled)
    • 1st season: spring 2015
  • Gorazdova slaščičarna (cooking show about desserts)
    • 1st season: autumn 2014
  • Skriti šef (cooking competition show)
    • 1st season: spring 2014
  • Epilog (news/documentary talk show)
    • 1st season: spring 2014
    • 2nd season: autumn 2014
    • 3rd season: spring 2015
    • 4th season: autumn 2015
  • Je Bella Cesta (comedy show)
    • 1st season: autumn 2013
    • 1st season: spring 2014
  • Okusi brez meja (cooking show)
    • 1st season: autumn 2013
    • 1st season: spring 2014
  • Vid in Pero Šov (comedy talk show & wish show)
    • 1st season: spring 2013
    • 2nd season: autumn 2013
    • 3rd season: spring 2014
  • Ana kuha (cooking show)
    • 1st season: spring 2013
    • 2nd season: autumn 2013
    • 3rd season: spring 2014
  • Pozor, priden pes! (show about how to discipline your pet dog)
    • 1st season: spring 2013
    • 2nd season: autumn 2013
    • 2nd season: spring 2014
  • Zabeljeno po ameriško (cooking show)
    • 1st season: spring 2013
  • Okrog sveta do srca (documentary road trip show)
    • 1st season: autumn 2012
  • Ljubezen skozi želodec (family cooking show)
    • 1st season: autumn 2009
    • 2nd season: spring 2010
    • 3rd season: autumn 2010
    • 4th season: spring 2011
  • Desetka (cooking show)
    • 2008
  • As ti tud not padu?! (Slovenian version of Saturday Night Live)
    • spring 2007 - autumn 2009 (5 seasons)
  • Raketa pod kozolcem (music talkshow)
    • 2006
  • Oprostite, prosim! (comedy talkshow)
    • 2005
  • Pazi, kamera! (hidden camera show)
    • 2003–present (moved to Kanal A)
  • Trenja (documentary lifestyle talkshow)
    • 2002-2009
  • Preverjeno! (documentary lifestyle magazine)
    • 2001–present
  • Pop`n`Roll (mucis show)
    • 1999
  • Pod srečno zvezdo (music show)
    • 1998
  • Pop party (music show)
    • 1997
  • Športna scena (sports talkshow)
    • 1996-2008
  • Športni krog (sports talkshow)
    • 1996
  • Obraz tedna (documentary show)
    • 1995
  • Med prijatelji (music show)
    • 1995
  • Pop 30 (show)
    • 1995


  • Usodno vino (soap opera)
    • 2015-present
  • Mamin dan (sitcom)
    • 1st season: spring 2014
  • Čista desetka (sitcom)
    • 1st season: spring 2012
    • 2nd season: autumn 2012
  • Trdoglavci (sitcom)
    • 1st season: autumn 2011
  • Lepo je biti sosed (sitcom)
    • 2008-2011
  • Balkan inc. (crime series)
    • 2006
  • Naša mala klinika (sitcom)
    • 2004-2008
  • Trafika (sitcom)
    • 2003
  • Pod eno streho (drama series)
    • 2002-2004
  • TV Dober dan (sitcom)
    • 1999-2002

International Created Shows[edit]


Animated Series[edit]


Since 1 December 2010 POP TV programming has been available in the digital (DVB-T) technique. Transmission is since 14 October 2013 a part of the national digital multiplex called multiplex C.

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