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PORK #9 cover by Sean Aaberg (November, 2012)
Editor Sean Aaberg
Categories rock music, lowbrow art
Frequency quarterly
Circulation 35,000
Publisher Goblinko
First issue January 2010 (2010-January)
Country USA
Based in Portland, Oregon
Language English
Website internetpork.com

PORK is a music magazine/fanzine created by husband and wife artist team Sean Aaberg and Katie Aaberg in 2010.[1] PORK magazine has been a big catalyst for Weirdo Art and Rock&Roll, with an emphasis on street culture elements like denim, studs, pizza, burgers, switchblades and anti-social behavior. Its roots are in 70s New York City. [2]

PORK set out to be "Coney Island in magazine form". Sean Aaberg says that he quit his day job after reading Gene Simmons' biography and set out to create what would eventually become PORK.[3] PORK is named for the play by Andy Warhol as it is seen by some as the beginning of Punk Rock.[4]

PORK publishes a wide variety of Weirdo writers and cartoonists. PORK is the home to Bobby Madness, Tim Goodyear, Andrew Goldfarb, Dan Shoup, Jason McKay, Jake Rat, Tim Root, Ben Lyon and others.

PORK has interviewed: Dr. Demento, Keith Morris, Derek Riggs, Jason Karn, Jeff Gaither, Kaz, Gary Panter, Charles Krafft, Jay Knapp, Janelle Hessig, Ralph Bakshi, John Holmstrom, Stanley Mouse, Mike Diana, Gavin McInnes, Nobunny, Hunx and his Punx, White Mystery, Shannon and the Clams, Personal and the Pizzas, Ghoul, Meanjeans, Youthbitch, Shane Bugbee and many others.


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