PP-64 Wstęga

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Polish Star-660 truck with PP-64 pontoons

The PP-64 Wstęga is a Polish military pontoon bridge produced since 1966.[1] Design, based on Soviet PMP model, commenced in 1964, prototype tested in 1965.[1] Unlike PMP, rated for 60,000 kilogram load, PP-64 was rated for 40,000 kilograms, still sufficient to carry T-54/55 and T-62 main battle tanks of its period.[1] Jane's Military Vehicles and Logistics staff supposed that PP-64 may also be capable of supporting T-64 and T-72 tanks.[1]

PP-64 set consists of 48 truck-mounted pontoons, 12 ramps, six motor boats[1] (carried on twin-axle truck trailers)[2] and other equipment.[1] KH-200 bridging boats used with PP-64 were actually put in production later, in 1971; each is capable of carrying 15 troops.[2] Human complement in the field reaches 126 soldiers (including 60 Star 266 truck drivers) and 10 NCOs.[1]

Depending on the river flow and desired configuration, the PP-64 can be used to construct up to six different types of bridges of three possible roadway combinations,[1] as well as numerous ferry configurations.[3]

Type Max length, m Max width, m Capacity, kg
Max. river
flow, m/s
Single lane 100 < 0.5
Mixed, type A 0.5-0.8
Mixed, type B 186 4.35 40,000 / 12,000 0.8-1.2
Mixed, type C 1.2-1.6
Mixed, type D 145 4.35 40,000 / 12,000 1.6-2.0
Double lane 97 8.7 80,000 >2.0

As of July, 2009, PP-64 remains in inventory of Polish Armed Forces.[4]


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