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PP-91 Kedr 03.jpg
PP-91 Kedr
Type Submachine gun
Place of origin  Russia
Service history
In service 1994-present
Used by MVD
Production history
Designer Evgeny Dragunov
Designed 1970s


Zlatoust Machine-Building Plant (PP-91 KEDR)
Produced 1994 - present
Variants See Variants
Weight 1.57 kg (3.46 lb) (PP-91 KEDR)
1.54 kg (3.4 lb) (PP-9 Klin)
Length 530 mm (20.9 in) stock extended / 305 mm (12.0 in) stock folded (PP-91 KEDR)
539 mm (21.2 in) stock extended / 305 mm (12.0 in) stock folded (PP-9 Klin)
671 mm (26.4 in) (KEDR-B)
Barrel length 120 mm (4.7 in)

Cartridge 9×18mm Makarov
Action Straight blowback (PP-91 KEDR)
Delayed blowback (PP-9 Klin)
Rate of fire 1,000 rounds/min (PP-91 KEDR)
975–1,060 rounds/min (PP-9 Klin)
Muzzle velocity 310 m/s (1,017 ft/s) (PP-91 KEDR)
430 m/s (1,410.8 ft/s) (PP-9 Klin)
Effective firing range 70 m (PP-91 KEDR)
Maximum firing range 200 m (PP-91 KEDR)
Feed system 20, 30-round detachable box magazine
Sights Front blade, rear notch

The PP-91 KEDR is a 9mm submachine gun developed from a prototype from the 1970s and since 1994 adopted by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.[1]


The PP-91 is a simply designed, easy to manufacture selective fire submachine gun designed by Yevgeny Dragunov (the designer of the SVD sniper rifle).

It is blowback operated and fires from a closed bolt, allowing for more accurate shooting than would be possible from an open bolt design. Ammunition is fed from a double column box magazine and it is supplied with folding shoulder stock.

Constructed from stamped sheet steel, it weighs in near 3.5 lb. The safety/selector lever is located on the right hand side and allows for semi-automatic single shots and fully automatic fire at the rate of 800 rounds per minute. The effective range of the PP-91 is between 150–300 ft. The weapon uses a diopter sight and allows for the use of a laser sight and a suppressor.


  • PP-71 (ПП-71) - a prototype SMG developed for the Ministry of Defense in the framework of the ROC "Bouquet" and tested in 1969-1972. Not commercially produced.
  • PP-91-01 "KEDR-B" (ПП-91-01 «Кедр-Б») - SMG with an integrated silencer, chambered for 9×18 mm PM[1]
  • PP-9 "Klin" (ПП-9 "Клин") chambered for 9×18 mm PMM, produced in 1996-2002. for the Interior Ministry. It features improved ballistics (due to a more powerful cartridge), the increased weight of the gate and the presence of helical grooves in the chamber.
  • PP-919 "Kedr-2" (ПП-919 "Кедр-2") - was developed in 1994-1996. chambered for 9×19mm Parabellum for the Federal Tax Police Service (made 3 pcs.).
    • in 2009 was also presented a prototype of the PP-2011 "KEDR-PARA" (ПП-2011 "КЕДР-PARA") chambered for 9 × 19 mm 7N21.
  • "Pistol-carbine" PKSK (ПКСК) - semi-automatic version chambered for 9×17 mm K, designed for private security, with a 10-round magazine.[2] Produced in small batches since April 1998.[3]
  • KMO-9 "Korsak" (КМО-9 "Корсак") - a prototype semi-automatic version with a long barrel chambered for 9×21mm, is designed as a civilian sporting and hunting weapons training.
  • PST "Corporal" (ПСТ "Капрал") - semi-automatic version for private security agencies under the cartridge 10 × 23 mm T, with a 10-round magazine.
  • PDT-9T "Yesaul" (ПДТ-9Т "Есаул") - semi-automatic version chambered for the non-lethal 9mm P.A., with a 10-round magazine (available since 2005).[4]
    • "Yesaul-2" ("Есаул-2") - a prototype full-automatic version chambered for the non-lethal 9mm P.A., with a 20-round magazine[4]
  • PDT-13T "Yesaul-3" (ПДТ-13Т "Есаул-3") - semi-automatic version chambered for the non-lethal .45 Rubber, with a 10-round magazine (designed in 2009)
  • "Kedr-MD" (Кедр-МД) - sub-machine gun to fire only blank cartridges, designed to order film concern "Mosfilm" in 2006, just made 5 pieces.


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