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PQM (short for Prince Quick Mix/real name Manuel Napuri) is a producer/DJ who is one half of the Hip Hop group Nubian Crackers and has also released records on labels such as Yoshitoshi Records and Renaissance. He is well known for his singles, "The Flying Song" and "You Are Sleeping", which have been featured on multiple compilations, such as James Holden's Balance 005 release, Hernan Cattaneo's South America 2 CD EP set, and Deep Dish's Global Underground: Toronto DJ mix. He also recorded & produced the vocals for Steve Lawler's "Rise In", which reached #50 on the UK Singles chart. He released the track "Nameless", which featured vocals from Pilgrim Soul.[1]

His single "You Are Sleeping" was first released in June 2002. It was released on Yoshitoshi Records and featured collaborated remixes with artists such as Luke Chable.[2] It contains an unlicensed sample of poet John Harris's "The Gospel According to John", incorrectly credited as "Hoes Gotta Eat Too" by DJ Xenamorph.[3]


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