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Developer(s) Schneider Electric, SimSci
Stable release
PRO/II 9.3.1 / 2014
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Steady State, Chemical Process Simulation
License Proprietary
Website PRO/II Official Homepage

PRO/II [1] [2][3][4] from the Schneider Electric SimSci brand is a steady-state process simulator (process simulation) for process design and operational analysis for process engineers in the chemical, petroleum, natural gas, solids processing, and polymer industries.

It includes a chemical component library, thermodynamic property prediction methods, and unit operations such as distillation columns, heat exchangers, compressors, and reactors as found in the chemical processing industries. It can perform steady state mass and energy balance calculations for modeling continuous processes.[5][6]

As with any process simulation product, Key Benefits include:

   # Rigorously evaluate process improvements before committing to costly capital projects
   # Improve plant yields through the optimization of existing plant processes
   # Cost effectively assess, document and comply with environmental requirements
   # Accelerate process troubleshooting
   # Detect and remedy process bottlenecks


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