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Pennsylvania Railroad E2b
Type and origin
Power type Electric
Builder General Electric
Build date 1952
Total produced 6
AAR wheel arr. B-B
UIC class Bo'Bo'
Gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Electric system(s) 11 kV, 25 Hz AC
Current collection Pantograph
Transmission AC current fed via transformer tap changers to AC traction motors.
Performance figures
Power output 2,500 hp (1,900 kW)
Tractive effort 35,400 lbf (157 kN)
Operators Pennsylvania Railroad
Class E2b
Numbers 4939–4944
Scrapped 1964

Pennsylvania Railroad class E2b comprised six experimental B-B electric locomotives built for the railroad by General Electric.

In 1952 the Pennsylvania Railroad took delivery of eight experimental locomotives,[which?] four from Westinghouse and four from General Electric.[citation needed] GE also built two demonstrators to show the Great Northern Railway. These two were sold to the PRR in March 1953 and numbered 4943–4944.[1]

They were commonly used in three pairs. Like most previous PRR electric locomotives, they were straight AC-powered, and did not use rectifiers. Because of this, they could work in multiple with existing PRR locomotives, and generally did so with class P5a.[1]

The locomotives were scrapped in 1964.


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