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Industry Credit union
Founded 1977
Headquarters St. Petersburg, Florida
Services Credit, debit ATM and prepaid card processing, electronic banking and bill payment
Number of employees

PSCU is the largest credit union service organization in the United States.[1][2] The organization was founded in 1977 and is based in St. Petersburg, Florida.[3][4][5][4][6]


In 1977, five Florida credit unions joined together and founded PSCU.[5] PSCU started a mobile banking platform compatible with iOS in November 2009.[1] That same year, the company released its CardLock fraud prevention program.[7] Mike Kelly was named CEO of the organization in 2011 after the death of former CEO and president Dave Serlo.[5] PSCU was the first organization to issue Visa pre-paid EMV cards in August 2012.[8] The company hosts an annual 24-hour brainstorming competition which aims to create technology for the banking community that began in 2012.[9][10][11]

PSCU announced in February 2013 that the company would be partnered with MasterCard to make the MasterPass technology available to the members of the credit union.[12] The company chose PricewaterhouseCoopers in April 2013 to serve as an external independent certified public accounting firm for auditing and tax services for the company.[13] In June 2013, PSCU opened a data center in Phoenix, Arizona.[14] The organization started "Make Your Money Matter," an online and social media campaign that educated consumers on the difference between banks and credit unions, in 2013.[15][16]

In February 2014, PSCU received a patent for the CardLock fraud prevention system.[7] The initiative won an award for best website in the educational resources category at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.[16] By March 2015, the program covered 250 credit unions.[17]

In March 2015, Chuck Fagen, former president of the Credit Union Executive Society, was named CEO of PSCU.[18][19] PSCU won a Stevie Award for Contact Center of the Year in the Financial Service Industry in 2015.[20]

PSCU partnered with Colonial Williamsburg on electronic educational programs for schools in the United States.[21]


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