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Birth name Steve Davison
Also known as PSD tha Drivah, Stevie Dee
Origin Vallejo, California
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, producer
Years active 1996-present
Labels Thizz Entertainment, Swerve Records, Gateway Records, Lightyear Records
Associated acts Mac Dre, Keak da Sneak, Messy Marv, N2Deep, Richie Rich, Mistah F.A.B., Rydah J. Klyde, Baby Bash

Steve Davison, better known as PSD, PSD Tha Drivah or Stevie Dee, is a rapper and producer from Vallejo, California, USA, who is closely associated with the late Mac Dre and his record label, Thizz Entertainment.


PSD first appeared on Mac Dre's 1996 compilation entitled The Rompilation, on the track "Menage A Trois" and producing the tracks, "Uninvited" and "Gumbo". He later appeared on N2Deep's 1997 album The Golden State and released his first album, Game Costs, in 1997. PSD's later albums were Bread Head (1999), What It Is (1999), All I Want (2002), You Ain't Heard of Me? (2003), The Guru (2005), PSD Classic (2005) and, his first album to enter the Billboard charts, Da Bidness (2007), which was released with Messy Marv and Keak da Sneak.

PSD has roots from both Vallejos Crest Side neighborhoods, as well as Mississippi. The rapper is known for his smooth harmonious voice and being a "playa". PSD's first appearance was when his close friend Mac Dre gave him a solo on the album Rompalation. PSD has released several mixtapes with DJ Ambush, called Mixes And Renditions. He is also known as "Playa Stevie Dee" or "Tha Drivah" for his swagger and his excellent driving skills.

PSD was a close friend of Mac Dre. They formed a rap group called the Cutthoat Committee which also included the rapper Dubee. The group recorded two albums, Turf Buccaneers and Money Iz Motive. The group disabled due to the death of Mac Dre, and the imprisonment of Dubee. PSD has worked with many other artists throughout the Bay Area. He has said in interviews that the rapper San Quinn is like family to him.


Studio Albums[edit]


  • 2007 PSD, Messy Marv & Keak Da Sneak - Da Bidness
  • 2010 PSD, Messy Marv & Keak Da Sneak - Da Bidness Part II


  • 2004 Mixes and Renditions Vol.1
  • 2005 Mixes and Renditions Vol.2
  • 2005 Mixes and Renditions Vol.3
  • 2007 The Eight Wait
  • 2009 A Star Iz Born
  • 2012 The Risk & Reward
  • 2014 The Risk & Reward 2 (Cool Is In)

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