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PSEmu Pro
Developer(s)Duddie, Kazzuya and Tratax
Initial releaseOctober 19, 1997
Stable release
1.0.21 / March 02, 1999
Operating systemMS-DOS, Microsoft Windows
Available inEnglish
TypeVideo game console emulator
LicenseFreeware (archive)

PSEmu Pro was a PlayStation emulator. It has been discontinued since 1999. However, its plugin interface is still used on most recent emulators[1][2] such as ePSXe[3] and PCSX.[4]

Plugin interface[edit]

The interface defined in the PSEmu Plugin Development Kit is used to create plugins. The following functions are present on all types of plugins.

PSEgetLibName Returns a pointer to a string containing the library name.
PSEgetLibType Returns the library type. It can be GPU, SPU, CDR or PAD.
PSEgetLibVersion Returns the library version.


GPUinit Initializes the GPU plugin.
GPUshutdown Shuts down the library.
GPUmakeSnapshot Takes a snapshot of the screen.
GPUopen Called when the game starts. It receives the window handle as parameter.
GPUclose Called when the game stops.
GPUupdateLace Called on V-sync (vertical synchronization). It can be used to avoid tearing.
GPUreadStatus Read requests.
GPUwriteStatus Write requests.
GPUreadData Reads from VRAM.
GPUreadDataMem Reads chunks of data from VRAM.
GPUwriteData Writes to VRAM.
GPUwriteDataMem Write chunks of data to VRAM.
GPUsetMode Sets the transfer mode. (obsolete)
GPUgetMode Gets the transfer mode. (obsolete)
GPUdmaChain DMA.
GPUconfigure Shows the configure dialog.
GPUabout Shows the about dialog.
GPUtest Tests if the plugin is working correctly and shows a dialog.
GPUdisplayText Debug.
GPUdisplayFlags Flags.
GPUfreeze Pauses the emulation.


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