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PSGL is a rendering API available additionally to GCM and OpenGL for Sony's PlayStation 3. PSGL is based on OpenGL ES[1] and Nvidia's CG. A previous version of PSGL was available for the PlayStation 2 but was largely unused.

PSGL was meant to be a foundation for the future, beyond the PlayStation 3, but for the PlayStation 4 Sony introduced GNM and GNMX and also their custom shading language, PlayStation Shader Language (PSSL).[2]


  • Programmable shading with Cg
  • OpenGL ES 1.1 extensions (VBO, FBO, PBO, Cubemap)
  • texture extensions (FP, DXT, 3D, NPO2, Aniso, Depth, Vertex Textures)
  • primitive/rendering extensions (Instancing, Primitive Restart, Queries, Conditional Rendering)
  • synchronization extensions (Fences, Events)
  • SCE performance extensions (TextureReference, AttribSet)

See also[edit]

  • Mantle API – low-level API for PC gaming
  • GNM – low-level API on the PlayStation 4
  • OpenGL – high-level API for CAD and gaming
  • GNMX – high-level API on the PlayStation 4


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