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PSIM Yogyakarta
Full namePersatuan Sepakbola Indonesia Mataram
  • Laskar Mataram
    (Mataram Warriors)
  • Parang Biru
    (The Blue Machetes)
Founded5 September 1929
GroundMandala Krida Stadium
ChairmanBambang Susanto
ManagerSeto Nurdiantoro
LeagueLiga 2
2019Liga 2/1st round (East region), 7th
WebsiteClub website

Persatuan Sepakbola Indonesia Mataram, commonly known as PSIM, is a professional Indonesian football club based in Yogyakarta. They play in Liga 2. Their home stadium is Mandala Krida Stadium.


PSIM history began on 5 September 1929 by the birth of a football organization, called the United Football Sports Mataram (Persatuan Sepakraga Mataram) or abbreviated PSM. The name Mataram was used because Yogyakarta is the administrative center of the Mataram Kingdom. Then on July 27, 1930 the name was changed to United Indonesian Football Mataram or shortened as a result of demands of the PSIM nationalist movement to achieve independence of Indonesia. PSIM itself when it was actually a body of national struggle and the Indonesian State.

On April 19, 1930, PSIM, together with VIJ Jakarta, Bandung BIVB, MIVB (now PPSM Magelang), MVB (PSM Makassar) SIVB (Persebaya Surabaya), VVB (Persis Solo) PSSI gave birth to the idea to participate in a meeting held in Yogyakarta Hadiprojo Societeit. PSIM in the meeting was represented by HA Hamid, Daslam, and Amir Noto. After the meeting, it was finally agreed to establish, a founding parent organization named Persatuan Sepakraga Seluruh Indonesia (PSSI) in 1931, to be based in Yogyakarta.

Since it was also the annual competition between cities / union held . In union competition, PSIM been a champion in 1932 after the final match in Jakarta beat VIJ Jakarta . Furthermore, many PSIM -this time can only be ranked second after losing in the final competition matches in 1939, 1940, 1941, 1943 and 1948.

At year - the first year PSIM take part in the football national, one Bond Netherlands VBDO ( Voetbal Bond Djokja en Omstreken ) amazed, VBDO bond Dutch when it is in Stadium Kotabaru ( Stadium Kridosono ) which has a field that smooth soft start demeanor viewed PSIM . V.B.D.O see PSIM competition can take place on a regular basis without any constraints . The audience / community football fans start watching PSIM drpada V.B.D.O Kotabaru, at the stadium that Asri It is not in the middle of the city, In 1935 V.B.D.O Kotabaru invite a friendly match / Friendly Match with PSIM Yogyakarta, PSIM derived lineup is:

  • GK: Ibnu Saipur (FVC)
  • DF : Wongso (alm HW)
  • DF : Sambudi (alm HW)
  • DF : Kantil (HW)
  • MF : Lessi (alm HW)
  • MF :Zaenal (HW)
  • MF : Dullailah (alm HW)
  • FW : Djawad (Brow)
  • FW : Sudito (alm FVC )
  • FW : Nurahman (SM)


The home match ground of PSIM is Mandala Krida Stadium, which has a capacity of 25,000 supporters. The stadium is quite feasible to hold the match evening or night because the stadium has national standard lightning system. The stadium is ready to accommodate other supporters were placed on the northwest side of the stadium . On all sides of the stadium stands occupied by Brajamusti.

The end of 2012, Detail Engineering Design ( DED ) Mandala Krida Stadium was completed and then performed a total renovation as well as the physical arrangement of the building . The arrangement will be implemented, 2013. Maturation of design continues BPO and associates who have been appointed. During the two weeks of meetings to discuss the DED . At the initial stage will be set up to Rp 6 billion . This was done in order to anticipate the use of the funds can be accounted for, controlled and transparent . The urge to renovate the stadium pride of the citizens of Yogyakarta came from various circles . Especially people who often use them for various purposes . A number of facilities will be added in the stadium complex 's oldest Yogyakarta Special Region . Among other things for the sport of rock climbing, sand volleyball, rollerblading, tennis, motor racing, and archery . The rest GOR Amongrogo just 50 meters will be optimized for other sports.


PSIM Yogyakarta is one of the most popular football clubs in Yogyakarta, and the supporter called Brajamusti (Hooligans, MGR, Cobra Mataram, Dahkota, Baju Barat, Pathuk squad & Cidelaras). Brajamusti means Brayat Jogja Mataram Utama Sejati.

The meaning of the word solemnly his Brajamusti is Aji - magical spell of Gatutkaca . Bima is one of the five Pandavas , have children named Gatutkaca . He is a giant in the Mahabharata and only appear when Bharatayuddha war, idolized warriors in stories with a variety of stories and miracle with weapon- Brajamusti spell that is still to be learned among the Java community.


As of 19 June 2019.

This is current squads for Liga 2 campaign. Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
2 Indonesia DF Hendra Wijaya
3 Indonesia DF Al Rizky Prananda
4 Indonesia DF Agung Pribadi
5 Indonesia DF Mochamad Sabillah
6 Indonesia MF Pratama Gilang Ramadhan
8 Indonesia MF Tegar Pangestu
9 Indonesia MF Hendika Arga Permana
10 Indonesia FW Cristian Gonzáles (captain)
11 Indonesia MF Ahmad Baasith
16 Indonesia MF Supriyadi Eeng
18 Indonesia MF Raymond Ivonitus Tauntu
19 Indonesia DF Herry Susilo
20 Indonesia GK Ivan Febrianto
21 Indonesia MF Ade Suhendra
No. Position Player
22 Indonesia MF Achmad Setiawan
23 Indonesia MF Ichsan Pratama
25 Indonesia DF Junius Bate
28 Indonesia MF Yudha Alkanza
30 Indonesia GK Tegar Dadi Prakoso
32 Indonesia DF Ahmad Mahrus Bachtiar
33 Indonesia GK Aji Bayu Putra
41 Indonesia MF Slamet Budiyono
44 Indonesia DF Hisyam Tolle
48 Indonesia MF Yoga Pratama
95 Indonesia FW Martinus Novianto
96 Indonesia FW Dwi Rafi Angga
Indonesia DF Risman Maidullah

Legendary Player[edit]

PSIM Yogyakarta

  • R. Maladi
  • Djawad
  • Mellius Mau
  • Hengky Yansen
  • Sucipto
  • Suripto
  • Haryanto
  • Siswadi Gancis
  • Jaime Sandoval
  • Mardjono
  • Seto Nurdiantoro
  • Joe Nagbe
  • Roberto Kwateh
  • Sudarto
  • Oni Kurniawan
  • Topas Pamungkas

Coaching Staff[edit]

Position Staff
Head Coach Indonesia Seto Nurdiantoro
Assistant Coach Indonesia Bonggo Pribadi
Goalkeeper Coach Indonesia Didik Wisnu
Fitness coach Indonesia Asep Ardiansyah



  • Perserikatan League 1932

Champions of Perserikatan League

  • Perserikatan League 1939

Runner Up Champions of Perserikatan League

  • Perserikatan League 1940

Runner Up Champions of Perserikatan League

  • Perserikatan League 1941

Runner Up Champions of Perserikatan League

  • Perserikatan League 1943

Runner Up Champions of Perserikatan League

  • Perserikatan League 1948

Runner Up Champions of Perserikatan League

  • Perserikatan League 1951

Rank 4 of Perserikatan League

  • Perserikatan League 1961

Rank 1 Division I West Region

Rank 3 Play Off division I

  • Perserikatan League 1985

Runner Up Champions of Division I

  • Perserikatan League 1986/1987

Runner Up Champions of Division I

  • Perserikatan League 1989/1990

Rank 4 Division I

  • Perserikatan League 1991/1992

Runner Up Champion of Division I (Promotion)

  • Perserikatan League 1993/1994

Rank 7 Eastern Division of Premier Perserikatan league

Indonesian League[edit]

Ranked 17th Eastern Region (Degradation)

  • Indonesia Dunhill League 1995/1996
  • Kansas Liga Indonesia 1996/1997

Two Division I champion Indonesia 1996/1997 League (Promotion)

  • Indonesian League 1997/1998

Rating 10 Central Region (League discontinued)

  • Indonesian League 1998/1999

Rank 5 Central Region

  • Bank Mandiri Indonesian League 1999/2000

Ranked 14th Eastern Region (Degradation)

  • Bank Mandiri Indonesian League 2001

Rank 3 Central Group I Division I

  • Bank Mandiri Indonesian League 2002

Rank 5 Group 2 Division I

  • Bank Mandiri Indonesian League 2003

Rank 3 Playoff Division I

  • Bank Mandiri Indonesian League 2004

Ranked sixth in the Western Division I

  • Djarum Indonesian League 2005

Champion Division I (Promotion)

  • Djarum Indonesian League 2006

Resigned from the First Division competition because of the 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake

  • Djarum Indonesian League 2007

Ranked 15th Eastern Region

  • Esia Indonesian Premier League 2008/2009

Ranked 12th Eastern Region

  • Joss Indonesian League 2009/2010

Rank 7 Group 3 Premier Division

  • Ti-Phone Indonesian League 2010/2011

Rank 5 Group 2 Premier Division


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