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PSIS Semarang
PSIS logo.png
Full namePersatuan Sepakbola Indonesia Semarang
Nickname(s)Laskar Mahesa Jenar
Founded18 May 1932; 87 years ago (1932-05-18) as Voetbalbond Indonesia Semarang
GroundMoch. Soebroto Stadium
Jatidiri Stadium
OwnerPT Mahesa Jenar[1]
CEOA.S. Sukawijaya
ManagerWahyu 'Liluk' Winarto
CoachJafri Sastra
LeagueLiga 1
2018Liga 1, 10th
Current season

PSIS[2] (Persatuan Sepakbola Indonesia Semarang) is an Indonesian football club based in Semarang, Central Java. The team's homebase is at Jatidiri Stadium in Semarang. They compete in the Liga 1


Founded in 1932, PSIS is one of the oldest football teams in Indonesia. It was previously known as Voetbalbond Indonesia Semarang.


First title victory[edit]

Before the professional league was held in 1994/1995, PSIS joined Perserikatan, an amateur football competition organized by PSSI. Their greatest success was in the 1986/87 seasons when PSIS won the title after defeating Persebaya Surabaya in the final 1–0 by Syaiful Amri's Goal. At the time, PSIS legend Ribut Waidi was in the team. There is now a sculpture of Ribut Waidi in the center of Semarang city.

Ligina (Liga Indonesia) Era[edit]

In 1994, when Perserikatan and Galatama merged to form Liga Indonesia, PSIS was placed in the Premier division. In the 1998/1999 season, PSIS attained their highest achievement by winning the probe. In the final, PSIS defeated Persebaya Surabaya with score 1–0 in a Final match which was held at Manado. The goal was scored by Tugiyo, who was renowned as "Maradona from Purwodadi", in the injury time of the second half. But after that excellent performance, PSIS did not do well in the transfer window. Consequently, PSIS were ironically relegated in 1999/2000 season. A year later, PSIS managed to secure a promotion ticket back again to the Premier division.

Golden Era : 2005–2007[edit]

PSIS Semarang makes a surprise by accomplished 3rd place after defeating PSMS Medan with a score of 2–1. The ordinary player like M. Ridwan, Khusnul Yakin, Modestus Setyawan, Idrus Gunawan, Maman Abdurrahman and Abdoulaye Djibril Diallo become superstars and wanted by bigger team. Also helped by Superb Signing Emanuel De Porras and the touch of Indonesian legend, coach Bambang Nurdiansyah.

In 2006, competed in the Western Zone, PSIS finished in 3rd place of regular home and away season. Therefore, PSIS went to the next round robin elimination system with 7 other teams which were split into two groups of 4. In this round, PSIS won the first match against Arema Malang, 1–0, courtesy of a Gustavo Hernan Ortiz's goal. However, they were defeated by Persik Kediri with a score of 1–3 on matchday 2 of the round robin elimination system. PSIS needed a win in the last match against Persiba Balikpapan to progress to the semi-final, and they successfully booked a place in the semi-final with 1–0 victory in a controversially postponed match due to the pitch invasion by the fans. In the semi-final match, PSIS won 1–0 against Persekabpas Pasuruan who defeated them twice in a regular home and away season. In the grand final, PSIS met Persik Kediri once again, and PSIS were defeated with the score of 0–1 in extra time. The goal was scored by Christian Gonzalez in 107th minutes. The result brought PSIS as runner-up in 2006 season.

In 2007 season, PSIS have successfully recruited Julio Lopez from Chile. Julio Lopez is projected as a replacement for Emanuel De Porras who controversially left the team after a defeat in the 2006 Liga Indonesia grand final despite the fact that PSIS were still due to be competing in Copa Dji Sam Soe against Persija Jakarta a few days later.

Super League Era and After no more Regional Government Budget Support[edit]

After Indonesian Government regulates that no more Regional Government Budget to Support Football Team, PSIS can not recruit Stars Player anymore. PSIS also can't defend their local stars like M. Ridwan, Khusnul Yakin, Imral Usman, Yaris Riyadi, Maman Abdurrahman, and many other. PSIS can give them expected salary.

In the 2008 season, PSIS and PKT Bontang joined the Indonesia Super League, replacing Persmin Minahasa and Persiter ternate.

In the 2011–2012 season, when a tumultuous of football Indonesia, PSIS Semarang choose 2011–12 Indonesian Premier Division under the authority of PT Liga Prima Indonesia Sportindo (LPIS). finished in 5th position at 2nd group defeat by the other football Team from Central Java like PSIR Rembang and PSCS Cilacap.

In the 2013 season, PSIS moved to Divisi Utama, edition of Liga Indonesia Premier Division since its establishment in 1994 under the authority of PT Liga Indonesia. PSIS be better in this seasons. success through the second round. Ronald Fagundez and Addison Alves injury in the second round and can replace by young players, make PSIS defeated by the champion Persebaya Surabaya, PSBS Biak Numfor, and PS Bangka.

Scandal in 2014 season[edit]

PSIS Semarang which reinforced two foreign players Julio Alcorsé and Ronald Fagundez start 2014 Liga Indonesia Premier Division with extraordinary, topped the standings in Group 4 with only 1 defeat. In the 2nd round, PSIS Semarang played so fantastic and has been ascertained advance to the semi-finals along with PSS Sleman before 2nd round finished, including a victory against Persiwa Wamena 5–0. Hari Nur Yulianto scored 14 goals and being the 4th top goal scorer of 2014 Liga Indonesia Premier Division and Julio Alcorsé in the 7th position with 13 goals.

Steps painstakingly built since the beginning of the season had to end tragically in the final match for the position of which only the group winners and runners-up with PSS Sleman. PSS Sleman and PSIS Semarang involved in match fixing where both clubs wanted to be defeated in order not to meet with Pusamania Borneo FC.In that match, both teams scored 5 own goals in 7 minutes, and finally the game ended with a score of 2–3 for PSS Sleman.[3] As a result of this scandal, PSIS Semarang were disqualified from 2nd round (babak delapan besar). While head coach Eko Riyadi, Striker Saptono, Fadli Manan and GoalKeeper Catur Adi Nugraha received a lifetime sentence should not be playing in football Indonesia and fines each of 100 million rupiahs .

Supporters and rivalries[edit]

PSIS Semarang's supporters call themselves Panser Biru (Pasukan Supporter Semarang Biru)[4] and Snex (Supporter Semarang Extreme) Indonesia's most passionate and fanatical supporters. Panser Biru Blue Panzer birth on March 25, 2001, and through a long process. When PSIS became champions in 1999, Actually is already a lot of fans Semarang and surrounding areas Mahesa Jenar warriors loyal support, but when it has not been coordinated. Along with PSIS relegation to Division I, some supporters of the fans wants to form an organization that coordinated the first in Semarang good and neat. Therefore, October 22, 2000, at the House of Diamonds (Rumah Berlian Semarang), approximately 15 fanatical supporters hold the first conference. Finally agreed on that day to set up a Care Forum PSIS Semarang. They then continue a proceed with the conference on October 29, 2000, which was attended by about 35 people . Until in the end on 5 November 2000 at GOR Tri Lomba Juang, forming a Panser Biru. Biru means Blue Colour (the pride color of PSIS Semarang Jersey) and Panser means Panzer / Tank show the struggling of PSIS Supporter. Snex (Supporter Semarang Extreme) actually a part of Panser Biru, but on March 20, 2005, they became an Independent organization.

First and foremost is their rivalry with Persijap Jepara with their supporter called The Banaspati and The Jet man, a club from another city in the same province Central Java. The derby between the two is called the Derby Jawa Tengah (Derby of Central Java), it is amongst the most heated and emotional footballing rivalries in Indonesia after Persija Jakarta with their The Jak versus Persib Bandung with their Bobotoh. The fixture has seen some occasional instances of violence in the past including in 2009, when the group Persijap Jepara supporters will go to Jakarta (because going against Persija Jakarta), they were intercepted in Semarang, 3 buses which they were traveling was stoned, 2 bus passes and 1 bus stops in Semarang, all the fans that are on the bus were injured seriously. PSIS Semarang supporter also hates Purwodadi's people because they were intercepted in Purwodadi Grobogan (May 5, 2013). actually, the problem caused by some PSIS Semarang fans that make some violence like stealing and looting Purwodadi Grobogan people when they visit Purwodadi Grobogan to watching PSIS Semarang vs Persipur Purwodadi. When they were going home to Semarang, all of PSIS supporter were intercepted by Purwodadi Grobogan's people and can't be evacuate until 18hour.[5]


Current squad[edit]

As of 07 March 2019[6]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Indonesia GK Joko Ribowo
2 Indonesia DF Riyan Ardiansyah
3 Indonesia DF Soni Setiawan
4 Brazil DF Wallace Costa
6 Indonesia MF Tegar Infantri
7 Indonesia MF Muhamad Yunus
8 Brazil MF Patrick Mota
9 Brazil FW Claudir (injury)
10 Indonesia FW Komarudin
11 Indonesia FW Aldaier Makatindu
13 Indonesia DF Fauzan Fajri
15 Indonesia DF Frendi Saputra
17 Indonesia DF M. Rio Saputro
18 Indonesia MF Arthur Bonai
19 Indonesia DF Akbar Riansyah
No. Position Player
21 Indonesia FW Silvio Escobar (on loan from Persija Jakarta)
22 Indonesia FW Hari Nur Yulianto (Captain)
27 Indonesia DF Safrudin Tahar
29 Indonesia MF Septian David
30 Indonesia GK Jandia Eka Putra
31 Indonesia MF Heru Setyawan
33 Indonesia GK Muhamad Fadli
42 Indonesia DF Ganjar Mukti
44 Indonesia MF Eka Febri Yogi Setiawan
46 Indonesia DF Fredyan Wahyu
61 Indonesia GK Endang Subrata
66 Indonesia DF Aqsha Prawira
78 Japan MF Shohei Matsunaga
89 Indonesia MF Septinus Alua
92 Indonesia MF Bayu Nugroho
95 Indonesia DF Kelvin Wopi

Management staff[edit]

Position Staff
Head Coach Indonesia Jafri Sastra
Assistant Coach Indonesia Widyantoro
Goalkeeper Coach Indonesia I Komang Putra
Under 19 Coach Indonesia Muhammad Ridwan
Under 16 Coach Indonesia Eko Riyadi
Fitness Coach Indonesia Budi Kurnia
CEO Indonesia AS Sukawijaya
Team Manager Indonesia Wahyu Liluk Winarto



Liga Indonesia Premier Division (first-tier)

Liga Indonesia First Division (second-tier)

Liga Indonesia Premier Division (first-tier)

Liga Indonesia Premier Division (first-tier)

Liga 2

Performance in AFC competitions[edit]

1999/00: First Round

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