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The River Boat Canberra (8426021363).jpg
The PS Canberra on the Murray River
Name: Canberra
Owner: Max Vulling
Operator: Murray River Paddlesteamers
Route: River Murray, Australia
Laid down: 1912
Launched: 1913
Maiden voyage: 1913
Homeport: Echuca, Victoria (Australia)
Status: Tourist vessel
General characteristics
Class and type: Paddle steamer
Notes: Data compiled from several sources[1]

PS Canberra is an original paddle steamer operated by Murray River Paddlesteamers in Echuca. [1]


PS Canberra was commissioned to be built in 1912 by the Connor Family, She was built at the mouth of the Murray in Goolwa, South Australia. Originally used as a single deck fishing steamer by the Connor family at [Boundary Bend]], she was part of their large fishing fleet which consisted of the PS Etona and PS Ranger.

After the war The Canberra was sold to the Collins family in Mildura. It was here that the second deck was added and she pioneered the tourist trade.

In the 60's The Canberra and The PS Melbourne did a switch, the Canberra steamed to Echuca and the Melbourne to Mildura. Once again the Canberra became a pioneer of tourism.

The PS Canberra is the oldest river boat in the Murray River Paddlesteamer fleet. Having celebrated her century in August 2013, the PS Canberra has been taking tourists on cruises along the Murray, Darling and Murrumbidgee rivers since 1944.

Modern Day[edit]

Following her purchase in 2001, the Canberra underwent a 9 month restoration during 2002-2003 and was returned to being steam powered once again. This was an unprecedented return for the Canberra as no known boat has ever been restored from a diesel back to a steamer. With 100 years of working life under her hull and having carried hundreds of thousands of people the PS Canberra is one of the most travelled boats on the Murray River.

She is a golden girl of her era and a joy to experience.

The PS Canberra, like The Pride of the Murray and PS Emmylou, operates as a tourist attraction in Echuca. She runs daily hour long journeys up and down the river. The PS Canberra is operated by Murray River Paddlesteamers in Echuca where she was originally run in the 1900s.[1]

You have the chance to become a Skipper on your cruise, everyone is invited to have a go steering our 100 year old Girl PS Canberra. If your very good you can even have a Toot Toot of the whistle and every child receives a specially signed certificate to prove it

PS Canberra generally operates 4 one hour cruises everyday of the year except Christmas Day in conjunction with Pride of the Murray.


PS Canberra is powered by a 1923 wood-fired Marshall compound steam engine.[1]

Unique 360 degree viewing area above the engine

Fully enclosed and open areas (perfect for group gatherings)

Wide viewing windows to see the paddlewheels

Captain's commentary of the historic Port and its unique paddleboat fleet

All children have the opportunity to steer the paddlesteamer and receive a Free Skippers Certificate

Kiosk on board

Fully licensed bar

Toilet facilities

Easy access on and off the vessel

Special events and entertainment on occasion


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