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Paddle Steamer Monarch - - 1400407.jpg
Name: PS Monarch
Builder: Brian Waters
Status: In service
General characteristics
Class and type: Paddle steamer
Length: 42 feet[1]
Beam: 15 feet at its widest[1]
Propulsion: Diagonal steam engine
Speed: 6 knots
Capacity: 12 passengers

PS Monarch is one of the three active paddle steamers in the UK. Construction started in 1984 and it was launched in 1994, although the steam plant originated as a 19th-century tar pump from Caerphilly gas works.[2] At only 42 feet long, 8 feet wide and with a capacity for only 12 passengers, she is the world's smallest commercial paddle steamer.[3]

The Monarch was designed and built by Brian Waters, who was a key volunteer in finally restoring the paddle steamer Kingswear Castle. It was a dream of his to construct his own paddle steamer from scratch. Construction was originally started in 1984, but it took him almost twenty years before she was finally finished, entering commercial service in 2003.

The PS Monarch was based at Island Harbour Marina on the Isle of Wight for three seasons from 2008 until 2010, offering excursions in the River Medina.

The vessel now operates from Wareham on the River Frome, Dorset.[2]


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