PV Cephei

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Coordinates: Sky map 20h 45m 53.943s, +67° 57′ 38.66″

PV Cep
A changing fan.jpg
PV Cep is the bright spot located at the edge of Gyulbudaghian’s Nebula
Observational data
Epoch: J2000
Constellation: Cepheus[1]
Right ascension: 20h 45m 53.943s[2]
Declination: +67° 57′ 38.66″[2]
Apparent magnitude: 17.46[2]

PV Cep is variable star of Orion type located in the constellation of Cepheus at a distance of over 1600 light-years from Earth. Although the terms 'Orion variable/Orion type' are now no longer used by most astronomers. The term 'Young Stellar Object' or YSO is preferred, since 'Orion Variable' is a term which was given at a time when these objects were thought to be more homogeneous than is now known to be the case. It has been used by the CGVS compilers but astronomers generally do not use these terms any more.


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