PZL TS-16 Grot

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TS-16 Grot
Role Trainer / Strike fighter
National origin Poland
Manufacturer Państwowe Zakłady Lotnicze
Number built 1

The PZL TS-16 Grot (Arrowhead) was a supersonic Strike aircraft and military jet trainer designed in Poland by Tadeusz Sołtyk. It is the first jet made without any foreign support from the East, and its creation was received very coldly by both the Kremlin and by the West (since Poland was under Soviet protection at the time). The project was started in 1958, but was canceled in 1964 for political pressure by USSR, before production could start. Despite this, a mockup designated TS-16RD was built. The RD version was expected to use Soviet RD-9B engine from the MIG-19 although an indigenous powerplant called the SO-2 was also in development for the final version. The production version was to have two engines, although the TS-16RD prototype that was built had only one.


  • TS-16A single seat two-engine attack version
  • TS-16B two-seat two-engine trainer
  • TS-16RD early single-engined prototype


  • Length: 14.3 m
  • Wingspan: 7 m
  • Height: 4.2 m
  • Wing area: 19.2 m²
  • Empty weight: 3190 kg
  • Total weight: 4950 kg
  • Max speed: 1460 km/h
  • Ceiling: 14,000 m
  • Range: 2200 km
  • Armament: Two 23 mm cannons (one on trainer version), unguided bombs and rockets on underwing pylons.

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