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PZ Cussons plc
Traded as LSEPZC
Industry Cosmetics, Soaps, Gels, Dairy Household chemicals, & Natural Oils
Founded 1879
Founder George Paterson, George Zochonis
Headquarters Manchester, England
Products Imperial Leather, Soaps, Shampoos, Gels, Milk, Olive Oil, Detergents & Healthcare Products.
Revenue £819.1 million (2015)[1]
£114.4 million (2015)[1]
£57.9 million (2015)[1]
Website www.pzcussons.com

PZ Cussons is a major British manufacturer of personal healthcare products and consumer goods. It operates worldwide, especially in Africa and Commonwealth nations. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.


PZ Cussons was founded in 1879 as a trading post in Sierra Leone by George Paterson and George Zochonis as Paterson Zochonis.[2] The British-owned company expanded its operations into nearby Nigeria before the end of the 19th century.[2] PZ expanded considerably during the 20th century, acquiring factories and establishing offices in Ghana and Kenya.[2] It was one of three or four firms which commercially dominated Guinea as a colony before 1958.[3] In 1975 the Company acquired Cussons Group (founded by Thomas Cussons).[2] Later that century more offices and factories were acquired in Asia, with PZ's first factory built in Thailand in 1986,[2] and operations expanded into Indonesia in 1988.[2] In 1993 PZ bought the state-owned Pollena Wroclaw in Poland,[2] followed in 1995 by Pollena Uroda[2] and in 2002 Paterson Zochonis plc was renamed PZ Cussons plc.[2]

In 2004 PZ Cussons sold the 1001 Carpet Cleaner brand to the American WD-40 Company for £6.2 million.[4]

In 2005 PZ Cussons closed their Nottingham factory (founded by Gerard Bros.), and relocated the operations to Thailand.[5] In 2006 PZ Cussons announced a plan to move their remaining English factory from Kersal to Swinton, both in the City of Salford.[6]

In 2008 PZ Cussons acquired the Sanctuary Spa and Sanctuary products business.[7]


PZ Cussons Group has a marketing presence in Europe, Africa and Asia.[8] PZ Cussons has factories in Salford, Nigeria, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Greece, Kenya, and Poland.[9]


An Imperial Leather soap bar

PZ Cussons' main brand is the Imperial Leather range of soaps, bath and shower and cosmetic products.[10]Other well known international family brands include Cussons Baby, Original Source, Carex, St.Tropez and Sanctuary Spa.

African electrical superstores[edit]

PZ Cussons operates a joint venture electrical superstore in Lagos, Nigeria and also operates in Ghana.[11]


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