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PZ Cussons plc
Traded as LSEPZC
Industry Cosmetics, Soaps, Gels, Dairy Household chemicals, & Natural Oils
Founded 1879
Headquarters Manchester, England
Products Imperial Leather, Soaps, Shampoos, Gels, Milk, Olive Oil, Detergents & Healthcare Products.
Revenue £861.4 million (2014)[1]
£116.4 million (2014)[1]
£98.7 million (2014)[1]
Website www.pzcussons.com

PZ Cussons is a major manufacturer of personal healthcare products and consumer goods. It operates worldwide, especially in Africa and Commonwealth nations. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.


PZ Cussons was founded in 1879 as a trading post in Sierra Leone by George Paterson and George Zochonis as Paterson Zochonis.[2] The British-owned company expanded its operations into nearby Nigeria before the end of the 19th century.[2] PZ expanded considerably during the 20th century, acquiring factories and establishing offices in Ghana and Kenya.[2] It was one of three or four firms which commercially dominated Guinea as a colony before 1958.[3] In 1975 the Company acquired Cussons Group (founded by Thomas Cussons).[2] Later that century more offices and factories were acquired in Asia, with PZ's first factory built in Thailand in 1986,[2] and operations expanded into Indonesia in 1988.[2] In 1993 PZ bought the state-owned Pollena Wroclaw in Poland,[2] followed in 1995 by Pollena Uroda[2] and in 2002 Paterson Zochonis plc was renamed PZ Cussons plc.[2]

In 2004 PZ Cussons sold the 1001 Carpet Cleaner brand to the American WD-40 Company for £6.2 million.[4]

In 2005 PZ Cussons closed their Nottingham factory (founded by Gerard Bros.), and relocated the operations to Thailand.[5] In 2006 PZ Cussons announced a plan to move their remaining English factory from Kersal to Swinton, both in the City of Salford.[6]

In 2008 PZ Cussons acquired the Sanctuary Spa and Sanctuary products business.[7]


PZ Cussons Group has a marketing presence in Europe, Africa and Asia.[8] PZ Cussons has factories in Salford and a number of countries abroad including Poland, Thailand and Indonesia.


PZ Cussons' main brand is the Imperial Leather range of soaps, bath and shower and cosmetic products. It also produces Joy soaps, Cussons Kids toiletries, Premier soaps, Carex anti-bacterial hand soaps and sanitisers, Cussons baby lotions, Luksja gels and soaps, Makler perfumes, Pearl soaps, Sweet Seventeen teenage cosmetic products, Venus range of hair care products, Original Source shampoos and gels, Morning Fresh dishwash liquid, Flourish Toothpaste, Elephant Extra Detergent, Radiant Laundry Granules, Robb mentholated rubs, Duck Laundry Soap, Mum & Me motherhood toiletries, and Minerva Olive Oils. They are also the manufacturers of Jet detergent.

African electrical superstores[edit]

PZ Cussons operates a joint venture electrical superstore in Lagos, Nigeria and also operates in Ghana.[9]


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