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P&P Cable Holdings is a corporation in the United States that owns several low-power television stations. The company started in Michigan with one television station, W54DA (later WXON-LP, now defunct). Since then, the company has expanded to fifteen stations. Many of the call signs held by P&P, were previously held by other Michigan stations, and the company is well known for picking up no longer used calls and reusing them for their own LPTV properties. A few P&P stations were purchased by a company called NTN Saginaw, until that company went out of business.


In the 1990s, P&P had around 20 construction permits, some of which were deleted by the FCC or bought by different companies. Some were built, however. The construction permit for W30BQ in Pinconning was built as W54DA in Flint, that would become P&P's first station. W54DA's callsign was later changed to WXON-LP. The WXON calls were previously used by WMYD, and P&P now uses former callsigns of Michigan stations.

Many P&P stations were purchased by different companies. A few were purchased by NTN Saginaw, and W52CU (now WHNE-LD) was purchased by Tait Broadcasting and moved to Detroit.

In 2012, some P&P stations were forced off the air due to the deletion of UHF 52-69. Now many P&P stations just operate part-time until it is known if the FCC will force them off the air, especially since they're low power stations and with the spectrum auction. If that happens, Traverse City will have no MyNetwork TV affiliate.


Still on the air[edit]

Callsign City of license Affiliations Channel number Notes Effective radiated power
W09CK Flint, Michigan Independent (public domain movies) Analog VHF 9 Formerly a repeater of WXON-LP, until that station went off the air. W09CK now is only on the air part-time. 85 watts
WUHO-LP Kalamazoo, Michigan Independent Analog UHF 36 15 kilowatts
WBWM-LP Mount Pleasant, Michigan Analog UHF 32 P&P has plans to convert this station to digital. 87 watts
W15BP Pinconning, Michigan Analog UHF 15 250 watts
W44BO Analog UHF 44
WKNX-LP Bay City, Michigan Analog UHF 22
WLLZ-LP Traverse City, Michigan Cozi TV and MyNetworkTV Analog VHF 12 Only P&P station with a website and to be on a cable system. 893 watts

Off the air[edit]

Callsign City of license Final affiliations Final channel number Notes Final effective radiated power
WXON-LP Flint, Michigan Independent Analog UHF 54 Was P&P's first station, and had a repeater, W09CK, which is still on the air. Last aired in 2012 100 watts
W29CQ Lansing, Michigan Analog UHF 29 50 watts
W44BQ Mount Pleasant, Michigan Analog UHF 44 242 watts
W60CO Analog UHF 60
W61DK Analog UHF 61
WKJF-LP Pinconning, Michigan Analog UHF 58 250 watts
WTCF-LP Analog UHF 69

Stations formerly owned by P&P[edit]

These are stations at one point owned by P&P, but are now owned by a different company

Callsign (under P&P ownership) City of license (as a P&P station) Channel number as a P&P station Final affiliation as a P&P station Current information of station
W52CU Pinconning, Michigan Analog UHF 52 Never signed on as a P&P station Is now a LATV affiliate in Detroit on digital UHF 20 on PSIP 14. Now owned by Tait Broadcasting. Callsign is now WHNE-LD. Station has six subchannels now.
WUHQ-LP Grand Rapids, Michigan Analog UHF 29 MTV Tr3s Now a Daystar affiliate with callsign WUHQ-LD

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