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Paagalpan poster.jpg
Sameer and Roma
Directed by Joy Augustine
Produced by Ravi Doddi
Rajiv Shah
Written by Joy Augustine
Starring Karan Nath
Aarti Agarwal
Bharat Dabholkar
Joy Fernandes
Music by Raju Singh
Cinematography Hari Nair
Edited by Adesh Verma
Release date
8 June 2001
Country India
Language Hindi

Paagalpan is a 2000 Indian Hindi romance film starring Aarti Agarwal and Karan Nath.


Aarti Agarwal and Karan Nath star as Roma Pinto and Sameer Malhotra. Roma Pinto, a beautiful young teenager, is the pride and joy of her five doting brothers, Arun, Jack, Sunny, Harry and Bunty.

Roma falls in love with the dashing and wealthy Sameer Malhotra, the heir to his father's millions. Although her brothers are initially opposed, she soon wins them over, only for matters to take a turn for the worse when one of Sameer's father's ships sinks, killing people from Roma's home town.

One of her brothers finds out about this, but is killed by the police and with Roma's family blaming Sameer for this death, the two young lovers are forced to elope.


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Two films for the price of one Fast paced love story cum action drama A story of passionate love

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