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Paal Olav Berg
Paal Berg OB.Z07063.jpg
Paal Berg (by Thorleif Wardenær / Oslo Museum)
Born(1873-01-18)18 January 1873
Hammerfest, Norway
Died24 May 1968(1968-05-24) (aged 95)
OccupationJudge, politician, resistance leader
Known forMinister of Social Affairs
Minister of Justice
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Norway
Civil resistance leader during the German occupation of Norway

Paal Olav Berg (18 January 1873 – 24 May 1968), born in Hammerfest,[1] was a Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party. He was Minister of Social Affairs 1919-1920, and Minister of Justice 1924-1926. He was the 12th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1929 to 1946.[2][3]

Paal Berg was instrumental in the German Dismissal of pro-Nazi puppet regime of Vidkun Quisling to be replaced by a council of Norwegian citizens, including himself on April 15, 1940. This was overseen after April 24 by Hitler's appointee Josef Terboven. Despite holding this position in the occupied government, Berg was far from a collaborator. Indeed, William L. Shirer names him the secret leader of the Norwegian Resistance.[4] He was elected a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1947.[5]


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Political offices
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Norwegian Minister of Social Affairs
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Christian Lange Rolfsen
Norwegian Minister of Justice and the Police
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Ingolf Elster Christensen
Legal offices
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Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Norway
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