Paanajärvi National Park

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Paanajärvi National Park (Национальный парк «Паанаярви»)
Protected Area
Vid na ozero Paanayarvi.JPG
Lake and forests in Paanajärvi National Park
Country Russia
Federal subject Republic of Karelia
Area 1,043.71 km2 (403 sq mi)
Biome Taiga
Established 1992
IUCN category II - National Park

Paanajärvi National Park is a Russian national park in the Loukhsky District of northwestern Republic of Karelia, in northwestern Russia.

The park was established in 1992. It has received a PAN Parks certificate.


Paanajärvi National Park is located in the Karelia Region of northern Europe, along the Finnish–Russian border.

It protects 1,043.71 square kilometres (402.98 sq mi) of pristine Scandinavian and Russian Taiga ecoregion forest habitats, lakes, and rivers.

Oulanka National Park[edit]

Oulanka National Park is adjacent on the west along the border, within Finland, with contiguous protection of this Karelian Taiga habitat.

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Coordinates: 66°17′03″N 30°08′23″E / 66.2842°N 30.1397°E / 66.2842; 30.1397