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This article is about the river in Germany. For other uses, see Paar (disambiguation).
Paar bei Ottmaring 3.jpg
Country Germany
Basin features
Main source Upper Bavaria
River mouth Danube
48°46′24″N 11°36′54″E / 48.77333°N 11.61500°E / 48.77333; 11.61500Coordinates: 48°46′24″N 11°36′54″E / 48.77333°N 11.61500°E / 48.77333; 11.61500
Physical characteristics
Length 134 km (83 mi)

The Paar is a river in Germany and a right tributary of the Danube. For several tens of kilometers it flows parallel to the Lech, at only a few km distance. Near Augsburg, the Paar leaves the Lech valley and turns north-east towards Ingolstadt. It flows into the Danube near Vohburg. Towns along the Paar include Egling, Mering, Aichach, Schrobenhausen and Manching.

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