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Paarlahti is Finland's only fjord, and it is situated in Teisko, in Kämmenniemi in the lake of Näsijärvi. Paarlahti is about 10 km long and has a maximum depth of about 60 m.[1]

Paarlahti has been called the longest inland fjord of Scandinavia (though Finland is not part of Scandinavia, rather it is a Nordic Country), although it does not really resemble the large fjords of Norway. However, its long and narrow shape, its depth and steep shores qualify it as a fjord. Usually there are no islands in a fjord, but Paarlahti has a few.[2] In Lake Inari in Finnish Lapland however, there are several bays that carry the word vuono (the Finnish word for fjord) in their names.


Coordinates: 61°38′42″N 24°2′38″E / 61.64500°N 24.04389°E / 61.64500; 24.04389