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Leucocoryne ixioides
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Order: Asparagales
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Subfamily: Allioideae
Genus: Leucocoryne
Type species
Leucocoryne odorata

Leucocoryne (Glory-of-the-sun) is a genus of bulbous perennials in the family Amaryllidaceae.[2] The foliage of all species is long and narrow and has an onion-like scent. The blue, white or lilac flowers are held in umbels.[3]

The entire genus is endemic to the Republic of Chile in South America.[1] Some species are grown in gardens as ornamentals.



Species accepted by The Plant List[4] are listed here (49) although some authorities estimate only 15.[5]

  1. Leucocoryne alliacea Lindl.
  2. Leucocoryne angosturae Ravenna
  3. Leucocoryne angustipetala Gay
  4. Leucocoryne appendiculata Phil.
  5. Leucocoryne arrayanensis Ravenna
  6. Leucocoryne candida Ravenna
  7. Leucocoryne codehuensis Ravenna
  8. Leucocoryne conconensis Ravenna
  9. Leucocoryne conferta Zoellner
  10. Leucocoryne coquimbensis F.Phil. ex Phil.
  11. Leucocoryne coronata Ravenna
  12. Leucocoryne curacavina Ravenna
  13. Leucocoryne dimorphopetala (Gay) Ravenna
  14. Leucocoryne editiana Ravenna
  15. Leucocoryne foetida Phil.
  16. Leucocoryne fragrantissima Ravenna
  17. Leucocoryne fuscostriata Ravenna
  18. Leucocoryne gilliesioides (Phil.) Ravenna syn. Erinna gilliesioides Phil.
  19. Leucocoryne inclinata Ravenna
  20. Leucocoryne incrassata'' Phil.
  21. Leucocoryne ixioides (Sims) Lindl.
  22. Leucocoryne leucogyna Ravenna
  23. Leucocoryne lilacea Ravenna
  24. Leucocoryne lituecensis Ravenna
  25. Leucocoryne lurida Ravenna
  26. Leucocoryne macropetala Phil.
  27. Leucocoryne maulensis Ravenna
  28. Leucocoryne modesta Ravenna
  29. Leucocoryne mollensis Ravenna
  30. Leucocoryne narcissoides Phil.
  31. Leucocoryne odorata Lindl.
  32. Leucocoryne pachystyla Ravenna
  33. Leucocoryne pauciflora Phil.
  34. Leucocoryne porphyrea Ravenna
  35. Leucocoryne praealta Ravenna
  36. Leucocoryne purpurea Gay
  37. Leucocoryne quilimarina Ravenna
  38. Leucocoryne reflexa Grau
  39. Leucocoryne roblesiana Ravenna
  40. Leucocoryne rungensis Ravenna
  41. Leucocoryne simulans Ravenna
  42. Leucocoryne subulata Ravenna
  43. Leucocoryne taguataguensis Ravenna
  44. Leucocoryne talinensis Mansur & Cisternas
  45. Leucocoryne tricornis Ravenna
  46. Leucocoryne ungulifera Ravenna
  47. Leucocoryne valparadisea Ravenna
  48. Leucocoryne violacescens Phil.
  49. Leucocoryne vittata Ravenna