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Pablo Flores
Birth name Pablo Flores
Origin San Juan, Puerto Rico
Genres Latin House Trance / ClubDance / House
Occupation(s) DJ, Remixer Producer,
Instruments DJ gear DJ software Studio Console Keyboards
Years active 1976–present
Associated acts Gloria Estefan Ricky Martin Shakira Jennifer Lopez Madonna

Pablo Flores is a Puerto Rican remixer, DJ, music producer and arranger;[1] known for being Gloria Estefan's personal remixer.

At the age of 16, Pablo Flores was already putting his love of pop music to work managing San Juan, Puerto Rico’s top record store and eventually, at 19, opening his own music store "El Discobolo". Even though it carried a wide variety of music genres, “El Discobolo” specialized in dance music, catering to club DJs.

Flores' expertise in dance music then led to a 17-year career as Latin America’s top club DJ, spinning records at San Juan's legendary Bachelor discothèque. There, he created exclusive versions of current songs, transforming romantic Latin ballads into high energy dance floor hits by blending Latin, European and American rhythms, into his own unique sound.

In 1984, Flores' distinctive style caught the attention of Miami Sound Machine's Emilio and Gloria Estefan, at the time preparing their first English-language record. After visiting Bachelor and hearing Flores' up-tempo version of one of their ballads, they asked him to remix the first single, “Dr. Beat”, from their forthcoming album. Topping the dance charts in the U.S. and Europe, that remix of “Dr. Beat” paved the way for Gloria Estefan’s signature hit “Conga”. Flores' remix of “Conga” was the version released as the single and album track, catapulting Gloria’s career as the top Latin crossover artist in the last 30 years, and establishing Flores' reputation as a hit making remixer. Since then, Pablo has produced over 30 remixes for Gloria Estefan.

Time and time again he has proven to be a major influence in many artists’ careers.

In 1996 Ricky Martin was well known in Latin America but it was Flores' and longtime friend and collaborator Javier Garza’s remixed version of “Maria”, that exploded worldwide, selling millions of copies and establishing Ricky’s crossover success. Because of the impact of that remix, with its fusion of Brazilian and Afro-Latin percussion, Ricky was asked to create a theme for the 1998 World Cup, and so the mega-hit “The Cup of Life” was created, with many of the melodic and percussive elements of the “Maria” remix. Flores' remix of “The Cup of Life” was one of 1998’s biggest selling records. Pablo has made a total of 14 remixes for Ricky Martin.

Superstar Madonna also sought out Flores' unique sound for her singles “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” and “Buenos Aires” from her film “Evita”. The only commissioned remix of that song, Flores' version of “Don’t Cry...” sold millions and generated pop radio’s interest in playing the song.

Another notable example of Flores' versatility and knack for creating pop hits is Colombian superstar Shakira. In addition to producing five important remixes for Shakira, Flores delved into the world of songwriting and co-wrote and co-produced her smash hit “Ojos Asi”, the Arab influenced rock / dance tune that not only jump- started her international success, but earned her a 2000 Grammy. More than any other song from her extensive catalog, “Ojos Asi” is featured on five different Shakira albums, including an English language version, “Eyes Like Yours”, on the multi-platinum “Laundry Service”.

Flores' remix of Jennifer Lopez's first single “If You Had My Love” was featured in the video of that song, earning her a Best Dance Video Grammy nomination.

Flores was nominated for a Grammy for his work on Jennifer Lopez' song “Let’s Get Loud” from her first album.

Another part of Flores' multi-faceted career was his 3 years (1987-1990) as an exclusive remixer for popular Puerto Rican radio station, KQ-105, and in 1989 as resident DJ on the hit Puerto Rican TV show, Party Time.

Pablo has continued to develop his unique style as evidenced in hits from not only major Latin artists like Marc Anthony, Thalia, Carlos Vives and Olga Tañón, but also from mainstream pop stars such as Christina Aguilera, Will Smith, N’sync, Backstreet Boys and Mandy Moore to name a few.

In 2011, Flores collaborated again with his mentor, Gloria Estefan. “Miss Little Havana”, Estefan's first release in English in 8 years, has already produced “Wepa”, and the 2nd single “Hotel Nacional” both of which reached the #1 spot on Billboard’s Dance Charts. Flores' remixes of both songs are considered to be among the most outstanding.

His most recent remix work is "This is Our Love" for new Miami based singer Sophi, and the anthem "I'm Free" for Dutch superstar Angelique Van Hamersveld.

Pablo is currently preparing a return to his DJ facet, and can be heard on his Mix Show "Magic Mix" on Puerto Rico's Magic 97.3 FM, and on, Fridays at 6:00 PM EDT.


Remixes for Gloria Estefan[edit]

Other remixes[edit]


  • "Chico Chévere"

Alejandro Fernandez[edit]

  • "Háblame"

Alejandro Ibarra[edit]

  • "Quiero Contigo"

Alejandro Sanz[edit]

  • "Quisiera"

Amanda Miguel[edit]

  • "No Te Vayas A Morir"
  • "Ojos De Alquitrán"

Amistades Peligrosas[edit]

  • "Está Yayó"


  • "I'm Free"


  • "Limbo Calypso"

Azucar Moreno[edit]

  • "Olé"
  • "Oye Como Vá"

Backstreet Boys[edit]

Barry Manilow[edit]

  • "Hey Mambo"

Carlos Ponce[edit]

  • "Amiga Sombra"
  • "Escuchame"
  • "Mujer Con Pantalones"
  • "Recuerdo"
  • "Rezo"

Carlos Vives[edit]

  • "Carito"
  • "Déjame Entrar"
  • "El Amor de Mi Tierra"
  • "Fruta Fresca"
  • "La Gota Fria"
  • "Luna Nueva"
  • "Megamix"
  • "Pa' Maité"
  • "Papadio"
  • "Tu Amor Eterno"

Celia Cruz[edit]

  • "Sazón"

Cerrone (Kongas)[edit]

  • "Africanism" (feat. Donna Allen)


  • "Paradise"


  • "Este Ritmo Se Baila Asi"
  • "Guajira"
  • "Pata Pata"
  • "Por Esa Mujer"
  • "Salome"
  • "Simon Sez"
  • "Soleil, Soleil"
  • "Solo Traigo Ritmo"

Cheito Quiñones[edit]

  • "El Baile De La Vela"

Chichi Peralta[edit]

  • "Amor Narcótico"

Christina Aguilera[edit]

  • "Genio Atrapado"

Daiquirí feat. Celi Bee[edit]

  • "Mi Tumbao"

Daniel René[edit]

  • "I Take It Back"

Daniela Mercury[edit]

  • "Perla Negra"

Dany Brillant[edit]

  • "La Queue Du Chat"

David Lee Roth[edit]

  • "Cuban Coffee"
  • "Living in America"

Deep Forest[edit]

  • "Madazulu"

Donato Y Estéfano[edit]

  • "Y Bailo"

Ednita Nazario[edit]

  • "Tres Deseos"

Elvis Crespo[edit]

  • "Wow Flash"


  • "Bella Senora"
  • "Jarro Pichao"
  • "La Chica De Humo"
  • "Magdalena"
  • "Mega Mix 1992"
  • "No He Podido Verte"

Ernesto D'Alessio[edit]

  • "Cambiaré"

Federico De La Vega[edit]

  • "Cielo"


  • "Mony Mony"


  • "Dame Un Beso"
  • "Los Hijos De Buda"

Gian Marco[edit]

  • "Se Me Olvidó"

Gipsy Kings[edit]

  • "Hotel California"


  • "Beat it With Your Rhythm Stick"
  • "Chocolate" (LP Track Producer)

Jennifer Lopez[edit]

Jon Secada[edit]

  • "Stop" / "Así"
  • "Whipped"

Jon Secada & Ana Gabriel[edit]

  • "Quiero Vivir La Vida Amándote" (Theme from "Zorro")

José Luis Rodríguez[edit]

  • "Agárrense De Las Manos"
  • "Amalia Rosa"
  • "Jump In The Line" (LP track co-producer)
  • "La Fiesta"
  • "Se Ve Y Se Va" (LP track co-producer)

Juan Luis Guerra[edit]

  • "Bilirrubina"
  • "De Tu Boca"
  • "Guavaberry"

Julia Fordham[edit]

  • "Genius"

Julio Iglesias[edit]

  • "A Caña Y A Café"
  • "Gozar La Vida"
  • "La Gota Fria"
  • "Mal Acostumbrado"
  • "Me Ama Mo"
  • "Milonga Sentimental"


  • "Espejos De Un Café"


  • "Leve Tet Ou"
  • "O Madiana"

Lisa M[edit]

  • "Everybody Dancing Now"
  • "Vengo Alborotá" (LP Remixer)


  • "Mama"

Lola Flores[edit]

  • "Ay Alvariño"

Lou Briel[edit]

  • "Se Como Duele"
  • "Solo Yo"

Luis Enrique[edit]

  • "Por Tu Amor"

Luis Miguel[edit]

  • "Girl in a Sports Car"


Mandy Moore[edit]

  • "One Sided Love" (co-composer / co-producer)


  • "Amor Salado"
  • "Eva Maria"
  • "Mega Mix 1991"
  • "Mira Mira Mira"
  • "Sigue Sigue"
  • "Sugar Sugar"
  • "Vuela Vuela"

Marc Anthony[edit]

  • "I Need To Know"


  • "Groove With Me Tonight"


  • "No Me Esperes Más"

Moisés Angulo[edit]

  • "Avelina"


  • "Domíname" (LP track co-writer / co-producer)
  • "I'm the Only One"
  • "Sobe Son" (LP track)

Myriam Hernandez[edit]

  • "Leña y Fuego" (LP Track)

No U Turn[edit]

  • "I Still Love You"


Olga Tañón[edit]

  • "Megamix"
  • "Ran Kan Kan" (with Tito Puente)

Orquesta De Acordeones De Puerto Rico[edit]

  • "La Boricua"

Paul Anka[edit]

  • "She's A Lady"

Phil Collins[edit]

  • "Wear My Hat"


  • "Everybody"


  • "Tarántula"

Ricardo Montaner[edit]

  • "Vamos Pa' La Conga"

Ricky Martin[edit]

Ricky Martin & Madonna[edit]

  • "Be Careful"

Rubén Blades[edit]

  • "Baby's in Black"
  • "Caminando"
  • "West Indian Man"

Sergio Vargas[edit]

  • "Bamboleo"



  • "Beija Me Beija"


  • "Bring it To Me"


  • "This is Our Love (Asi Es El Amor)"

Sophy de Puerto Rico[edit]

  • "Así No Te Amará Jamás"
  • "Marinero"
  • "No Es Fácil"
  • "No Lo Dejes Caer"
  • "No Soy Como Tú"
  • "Se Ve Y Se Va"
  • "Te Equivocas"
  • "Tu Tienes La Culpa"

Spice and Co.[edit]

  • "Dance Across the Seas" (LP co-producer)
  • "Round & Round"
  • "Shake it Up Baby"


Tito Puente (with Olga Tañón)[edit]

  • "Ran Kan Kan" (from "The Mambo Kings")


  • "Muévete"

Various Artists[edit]

  • "Non-Stop Music" Mix LP


  • "Ojos Verdes"

Vitamin C[edit]

Will Smith[edit]


  • "Margarita"

Words 4 2[edit]

  • "Society Killed By Who"

Yolandita Monge[edit]

  • "Fuiste un Sueño"
  • "Mega Mix 1991"
  • "No Me Acostumbro"
  • "Por Ti"
  • "Viviré Sin Ti"


  • "Asi Es La Vida"
  • "El Apagón"



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