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Pablo Hasél
Spanish rapper
Hasél in 2011
Pablo Rivadulla Duró

(1988-08-09) 9 August 1988 (age 32)
Other namesPau Rivadulla i Duró
Pablo Hasél
OccupationRapper, poet, writer, political activist
Years active2005–present
Criminal charge(s)Assault, praising banned groups, threats, insulting the Spanish monarchy, obstruction of justice
Criminal penalty2 years, 6 months in prison
Criminal statusCurrently in prison
  • Ignacio Rivadulla (father)
  • Paloma Duró (mother)

Pablo Rivadulla Duró (born 9 August 1988),[1] known artistically as Pablo Hasél, is a Catalan rapper, writer, poet, and political activist.[2][3][4] His songs and actions, often in support of far-left politics, have frequently led him into troubles with the Spanish judiciary.[5][6][7][8][9] Accused of insulting the Spanish monarchy, insulting the Spanish army and police forces, and praising terrorism and banned groups,[10] he has been imprisoned since 16 February 2021 on a nine-month sentence, in what has widely been labeled an attack on free speech – in Catalonia, Spain, and overseas – and led to numerous protests and riots.[11][12][13]


Hasél's official name is Pablo Rivadulla Duró (pronounced [ˈpa.βɫo ri.βaˈðu.ʎa ðuˈɾo]).[14] However, some newspapers render his first name as Pau (pronounced [paw]), the equivalent Catalan language to the Spanish language Pablo (in English, Paul),[15] and some include the conjunction "i" between his surnames as sometimes is the custom in Catalan, yielding Pau Rivadulla i Duró. He initially used the pseudonym Hasél, in reference to a revolutionary character in an Arabic short story, before later adopting Pablo Hasél as his artistic name.[16]


Journalist at the Catalunya Ràdio Mercè Alcocer, Pablo Hasél, Cassandra Vera and Marcel Mauri de los Ríos in 2018 at ″Llibertats en perill?″,[17] an event organised by Omnium Cultural, inside the framework of their campaign "Demà pots ser tu / Mañana puedes ser tú / Tomorrow it could be you",[18] a campaign whose goal is to reflect on attacks on free speech.[19]

Hasél was born in Lleida, Catalonia on 9 August 1988 to Ignacio Rivadulla and Paloma Duró.[15] Hasél's father was a businessman and the president of the local football club Unió Esportiva Lleida [20][21] and his mother came from an upper-class family of lawyers.[15] Hasél's paternal grandfather was, Andrés Rivadulla Buira, a lieutenant in Franco’s army, known for fighting the Maquis (anti-Franco resistance guerrillas), which also collaborated in the exile with the French resistance in the Invasion of Val d'Aran.[22]

In October 2011, Hasél was arrested and bailed for a song titled "Democracia su Puta Madre" in which he praised "Camarada Arenas", a convicted member of the terrorist group GRAPO.[23] In April 2014, he was given a two-year prison sentence for ten songs in praise of GRAPO, ETA[5][24][25][26] the Red Army Faction and Terra Lliure.[12] This sentence was suspended for three years in September 2019, on condition that he not reoffend.[27] Hasél vehemently denies media reports that have listed Al-Qaeda among the groups he was charged with supporting.[28]

In May 2014, Hasél was arrested for being part of a group of around fifteen people that attacked a stall belonging to the Lleida Identitària, linked to the far-right Platform for Catalonia (PxC) party.[7][29]

In June 2016, Hasél pushed and sprayed washing-up liquid at a TV3 journalist. He received six months in prison and a fine of €12,150 in June 2020.[8] In the same month, he received a 2​12-year sentence and €2,500 fine for assault and obstruction of justice, namely for kicking and threatening a witness in the October 2017 trial of a policeman eventually acquitted of assaulting a minor, accusing him of providing false testimony.[9] This sentence was confirmed in 2021, days after his imprisonment.[30]

In a March 2018 interview, Hasél said he was unable to find work due to his criminal convictions that disqualified him from the public sector for ten years, and that his last work had been grape picking in France.[16]

In March 2018, Hasél was sentenced to two years in prison for praising GRAPO terrorism and insulting King Juan Carlos I on Twitter.[11] In early 2021, he was ordered to voluntarily enter prison to serve a nine-month sentence for this conviction. He publicly refused this order,[31] and was eventually arrested on 16 February. Hasel, alongside a group of over 50 students, had barricaded himself inside University of Lleida's rectorate building in protest against his sentence.[32] Hasél's freedom was supported by Amnesty International and a letter signed by 300 Spanish artists including Pedro Almodóvar and Javier Bardem,[33] as well as by President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador, former Bolivian President Evo Morales and Venezuela's president Nicolás Maduro.[34][35] Hasél's imprisonment led to nights of protests involving thousands of people in cities including Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.[36] Hasél's case has been likened to that of Valtònyc, another Spanish rapper prosecuted by the Spanish judiciary, who fled to Belgium in 2018 after a 3​12-year prison sentence for writing song lyrics that a court found glorified terrorism and insulted the monarchy.[33] PEN Català published a communiqué - in collaboration with the Catalan Academy of Music, the Association of Catalan Language Writers, the Association of Periodicals in Catalan,, the Fira Literal, Freemuse, the Catalan Publishers' Guild, Llegir en català, Òmnium; in defense of freedom of expression and for the release of Hasél.[37][38]

On 1 March 2021, the public prosecutor's office asked for another five years and three months in prison for Hasél. This time for incidents that took place on the night of 25 March 2018 in the attempted assault on the Government subdelegation in Lérida in protest against at the arrest Carles Puigdemont's in Germany a few hours earlier in Germany. Hasél and 10 defendants had the intention, according to the Public Prosecutor's Office, to disrupt the protection operation and "gain access to the building", a symbol of the central government in Lleida. The State Attorney's Office is involved in the case to claim compensation for the material damage. Not so the Generalitat de Catalunya, which brought no action against Hasel.[39]. The Catalan-born Hasél supports the project of the Catalan Republic (2017).[40]


In the days and weeks after his arrest, a wave of protests occurred in cities across Catalonia and the rest of Spain. Damages in Barcelona were estimated at €1.5 million.[41] Violence was reported in several cities.[42][43][44][45] Nearly 200 people were detained, 200 injured[46], a Reuters-journalist and a 19-year-old girl, who lost an eye, were among those when agents from the Mossos d'Esquadra fired foam bullets into the crowd.[47][48][49][50] On March 1, a group of elderly people chained themselves to the Paeria palace, Lleida’s town hall, demanding “an end to the repression of young people” and that agents responsible for wrongful actions be dismissed from the Mossos d’Esquadra.[46][51]



  • Esto no es el paraíso (2005)
  • Miedo y asco en Ilerda – Re-released under the title Ilerda rima con mierda (2007)
  • Trastorno Tripolar (2007)
  • Desde el abismo se goza de las mejores vistas (2008)
  • No me joda doctor (2008)
  • Recital de ideales/No me joda Doctor (2008)
  • En ningún lugar pero aquí (2008)
  • Descuartizando resacas (2009)
  • Quemando la vida (with Kaktan) (2009)
  • Cuando el tiempo no nos tocaba las ilusiones (2009)
  • Se lo vomite al viento mientras ella se drogaba con otro (2010)
  • Inéditas por culpa de Aileen Wuornos (2010)
  • Banquete de larvas (2010)
  • Siempre perdidos 1 (2010)
  • Siempre perdidos 2 (2010)
  • El Che disparaba (2011)
  • Solos en medio del misterio infinito (2011)
  • Polvo y ceniza (2011)
  • Un café con Gudrun Ensslin (2011)
  • El infierno sería verlos más allá (2011)
  • Crucificado en tu clítoris (2011)
  • Besos cortados con coca (2011)
  • Canciones supervivientes al registro policial (2012)
  • La tortura placentera de la luna: algunas canciones inéditas (2012)
  • Escribiendo con Ulrike Meinhof (2012)
  • Empezar de bajo 0: Algunos poemas grabados (2012)
  • La noche que supe que hay laberintos sin salida (2012)
  • Poemas de presos políticos comunistas (2012)
  • Los gusanos nunca volarán (inéditas) (2012)
  • La muerte nos obligó a vivir (2012)
  • Sigue desnudándose la dictadura del capital (2013)
  • Por mera supervivencia (inéditas) (2013)
  • Por mera supervivencia II (inéditas) (2013)
  • Por mera supervivencia III (inéditas) (2013)
  • Exprimiendo el corazón (inéditas) (2013)
  • Tarde o temprano Venceremos (2014)
  • Mientras me asesina el tiempo (inéditas) (2014)
  • Por escapar de la oscuridad (inéditas) (2014)
  • A Orillas Del Segre (2014)
  • Cafeína e imaginación (inéditas) (2015)
  • Burlando al dolor (2015)
  • Boicot Activo (2015)
  • Hasta el fin de mis días (2015)
  • Resistir hasta vencer (2016)
  • Esto ya ni desahoga (inéditas) (2016)
  • Fuerte fragilidad (2017)
  • Perdidos en el infinito (with Nyto Rukeli) (2017)
  • El interrogatorio del atardecer (2018)
  • La voz no puede encerrarse (2018)
  • Ha llovido mucho (2019)
  • Semillas de libertad (2019)
  • Haciéndome la autopsia (2020)
  • La inmolación de las entrañas (2020)
  • Canciones para la revuelta y la soledad (2020)

Prozaks (feat. Cíniko)[edit]

  • Recital de ideales/No me joda Doctor (2008)
  • A Orillas Del Segre (2014)

Magmah (feat. Zyon Revol "Frankie Brown" )[edit]

  • En ningún lugar pero aquí (2008)

Las resakas (feat. Marc Hijo de Sam)[edit]

  • Las resakas: Besos cortados con coca (2011)
  • La muerte nos obligó a vivir (2012)


Poetry and books[edit]

Hasél has authored the following collections of poems and books, often in collaboration with Spanish poet Aitor Cuervo.

  • Dos canallas a sueldo de La Habana (collection of poems, with Cuervo)
  • Acerca del amor - Manuel Pérez Martínez (Arenas) (collection of poems, reedited with Cuervo)
  • Derritiendo Icebergs (collection of poems, with Cuervo)
  • Veinte poemas de odio y dos corazones descuartizados (collection of poems, with Cuervo)
  • Con la solidaridad por bandera (collection of poems, with Cuervo, September 2012)
  • Follarnos mientras ejecutan un banquero (collection of poems)
  • Más que cifras (collection of poems)
  • De la ansiedad a la esperanza (collection of poems)
  • La violencia de las injusticias (book)
  • Más allá del polvo (collection of poems)
  • La resaca de vivir (collection of poems)



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