Pablo Rey

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Pablo Rey
Pablo Rey Painter Artist.jpg
Pablo Gabino Rey Sendón

1968 (1968)
EducationUniversity of Barcelona, Baruch College
Known forPainting

Pablo Gabino Rey Sendón ([ˈpaβlo ɣaˈβino ˈrej senˈdon], known artistically as Pablo Rey) is a Spanish painter artist born in Barcelona in 1968.

Early life[edit]

He grew up into a family of artists, Rey began learning the art of painting from the hand of his father, the Spanish realist painter Gabino Rey.[1][2] In 1989, he received the Talens prize, in the contest of young painters at the Sala Parés Gallery (Barcelona), and in 1992, he won the Raimon Maragall i Noble prize in the same contest.[3] In 1994 the University of Barcelona acquired in open call one of his works for the patrimony collection.[4] In 1994 he graduated in Fine Arts from the Barcelona University.[5][6]


In 1996, Rey moved to New York City to live and work. In 1997, he participated in The Grammercy International Art Fair in New York, with the gallery Pierogi 2000 and was selected along with other artists from New York to participate in the exhibition "New Tide" at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in Brooklyn, New York.[5] In 1998, he was selected along with Juan Uslé, Francisco Leiro, Pello Irazu, Antonio Murado, Victoria Civera and other artists to participate in the documentary film 98 IN NY produced by Canal +, about Spanish artists in New York.[5]

In 1999, Rey traveled by car from New York to Texas, from this trip he made a series of works titled NY-TX, to exhibit in the Holland Tunnel Art Projects gallery in New York City in June 2000. In 2004, the exhibition "Two painters on the same canvas," was presented with painter Luis Trullenque in Benedormiens castle in Santa Cristina d’ Aro in Girona.[7]

In 2005 at the presentation of the exhibition "Complementary States" at the Carmen Tatché Gallery, the philosopher and sociologist of art Arnau Puig presented the catalog-text "Painting set free and freedom in the painting of Pablo Rey",[8] introductory essay to the art and aesthetic concept of the work from the Barcelona's artist, starting from and based on the series of paintings from said exhibition. In the same act the critic and art historian Pilar Giró stated that Pablo Rey is a singular voice in the Spanish art scene and has managed to reconcile rationality and lyricism in his work.[5]

In 2009, Rey presented in Sant Feliu de Guíxols the exhibition Conjuncions three painters on the same canvas, with painters Alex Pallí and Luis Trullenque. Exhibition that was inaugurated that summer in the old monastery of Sant Feliu de Guíxols and in 2011 it traveled to the House of Culture of Gerona.[9]

In 2013 he held an individual exhibition entitled 'Recent Work' at the Fundació Casa Josep Irla,[10] in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Costa Brava, Gerona and in 2014 he toke part in the exhibition ' Framed ', in the Holland Tunnel gallery from New York.[11]

Featured exhibitions[edit]

The Catalan painter has had numerous other exhibitions, most notably those of the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in Brooklyn, New York. 76Varick Gallery, New York City. Gallery of The Nederlandche Bank of Amsterdam. IX Biennial Art City of Oviedo. Holland Tunnel Art Projects in New York City. Lewisham Art House, London. And MundoArt Gallery in Laren, Amsterdam.[5][12][13]


Selection of outstanding works from different eras in the Barcelona artist's career.


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