Pablo Sciuto

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Pablo Sciuto
Birth name Pablo Fernando Sciuto Silva
Born (1979-05-12) May 12, 1979 (age 39)
Origin  Uruguay, Montevideo
Genres Songwriter, Pop, Electronic Music
Occupation(s) Musician, Composer, VJ
Instruments Guitar, Vocals, Drums
Years active 1996 - Present
Labels Hipnótica Records
Website Official Site

Pablo Sciuto is a Uruguayan musician and composer born in the city of Montevideo, with nine released albums where he combines rhythms like “Indie Pop”, Jazz, Bossa Nova and Candombe with an electronic sound.[1] He’s created a very particular style and has positioned himself in the wave of new creators of Rio de La Plata. At the present time Pablo lives in the city of Madrid, Spain since the year 2000.

His beginnings were in his hometown of Montevideo, where since 1995 he began participating in various bands such as “Escape” (Hard Rock) and “Luz del Alba” (Pop Fusion) teaming up with his good friend Javier Gras, with whom they played cover songs by Eduardo Mateo in small venues. In 1997 he began his solo career with small appearances at the “Hot Club” in Montevideo, sharing the stage with artists such as Erika Herrera, Leo Anselmi and Fernando Henry among others. In 1998 he takes a big leap over to Buenos Aires, performing in various venues in the port city circuit.

He has performed and collaborated with artists such as the Brazilian Leo Minax, Jorge Drexler, Pablo Guerrero, Ana Prada, Gustavo Pena “Príncipe”, Jorge Barral, Rita Tavares, Tancredo, Habana Abierta, Daniel Drexler, Gabriela Torres, Carlos Chaouen, Pippo Spera, Tontxu, Mercedes Ferrer, Jorge Galemire, Samantha Navarro, Cristina Narea, Javier Paxariño, La Tercera Republica, Adrián Sepiurca, Alex Ferreira, Pedro Moreno and Evaldo Robson among others.

In his recording studio in Madrid, he experiments with a diversity of instruments, resulting in an enriching combination between electronic and acoustic sounds. His lyrics are influenced by metaphysics, science fiction and astronomy of which he is very fond of. He has ventured in various musical genres, from Jazz, Bossa Nova, Candombe, Folk, Funk, Pop, Electronic, etc.

It’s very frequent to see him in concert venues throughout Madrid, venues such as Libertad 8, Clamores, Galileo and many other cities in Spain where he performs with his band or on his own using samples and loops in real time as a multi-instrumentalist. He has also been known for his work as a “VJ” in shows with the soprano Pilar Jurado, Leo Minax, etc.

His music is appreciated in countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and China where his songs have spread massively.

In 2009, Pablo puts together a new band formation, “Astronomos Urbanos” where renowned musicians of various countries have played a part, such as Fabián Miodownic (Drums, Uruguay), Carlos Maeso (Bass, Spain), Sebastián Crudeli (Piano, Argentina), Matías Nuñez (Bass, Argentina), Álvaro Genta Cubas (Guitar, Uruguay), Olmo Sosa (Guitar, Argentina), Adrián Carrio (Piano, España), Ernesto J. Espinoza (Violin, Chile), Martín Muollo (Bass, Argentina) and Ignacio Rodríguez (Drums, Argentina).

In November 2011 he records his most introspective album yet, “Las Ideas del Aire”. A live recording without any additional tracks, recorded at Estudio Brazil in Madrid with Javier Ortiz. This live recording is also filmed on video and is directed by the Argentinean director of photography Gabriel Di Martino.


  • Citylandia (1998)
  • La Llave del Cielo (2000)
  • Tres Corazones (2004)
  • On (2009)
  • On Special Edition (2010)
  • Huella Sin Fin EP (2011)
  • Las Ideas del Aire (2011)
  • Planeta Casa (2013)
  • El Gran Diseño EP (2013)
  • La Piel y la Huella (2014)
  • Variadas Emociones (2016)
  • Fronteras (2018)


  • Cantigas de Mayo 2003 (with Chavela Vargas and other artists)
  • Cantigas de Mayo 2005 (with Quimi Portet and other artists)
  • Laurel Street - Laurel Street (EP)


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