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Lieutenant Governor Guerra

Pablo de la Guerra (November 29, 1819 – February 5, 1874), from the de la Guerra family of Santa Barbara, California, was the Acting Lieutenant Governor of California, 1861-1862. He served in the California State Senate 2nd District. He was a Democrat.

Personal information[edit]

Pablo was born on November 29, 1819 in Santa Barbara, California Viceroyalty of New Spain.[1]



In 1838 Guerra became an Administrator.[1]


In 1849 he served as a delegate representing Santa Barbara District at the First California Constitutional Convention.[1]


On May 1, 1851 Guerra nearly resigned from the State Senate,[1] but returned to the position which he held until 1861 when he became the leader of the senate, which led to his term as acting lieutenant governor.[2]


From 1861-1862 he served as the Acting Lieutenant Governor.[1]


From 1863-1873 he was the District Judge for the 17th Judicial District.[1]


Pablo de la Guerra died February 5, 1874 in Santa Barbara, California.[1]


Political offices
Preceded by
Isaac N. Quinn
Acting Lieutenant Governor
Acting Lieutenant Governor of California
Succeeded by
John F. Chellis
Lieutenant Governor

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