Pabna Cadet College

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Pabna Cadet College
পাবনা ক্যাডেট কলেজ
Former names
pabna residential model school and college.
Motto Shadhonay Shafollo
Motto in English
Perseverance is Success
Type semi autonomous specialized educational institution.
Established August 7, 1981 (1981-08-07)
Budget defence sector of the annual budget of Bangladesh
Chairman adjutant general,chairman of the governing bodies of cadet colleges
Students approximately 300 cadets
Location Jalalpur, Pabna District, Bangladesh
24°1′22.5″N 89°17′36.3″E / 24.022917°N 89.293417°E / 24.022917; 89.293417Coordinates: 24°1′22.5″N 89°17′36.3″E / 24.022917°N 89.293417°E / 24.022917; 89.293417
Campus 38 acres
Colors Cobalt blue
Nickname PCC

Pabna Cadet College (Bengali: পাবনা ক্যাডেট কলেজ), is a military high school, modeled after public schools in the UK (according to the Public Schools Act 1868), financed partially by the Bangladesh Army, located at Jalalpur, east of Pabna town, Bangladesh.It is renowned for its quality of education provided in all sectors of human necessity.


Pabna Cadet College boards approximately 300 boys between the ages of 12 and 18 (roughly 50 in each year for grade-7 ) through a nationwide admission test composed of written, oral and medical examinations.

The school is headed by a principal, appointed by the Adjutant General's branch of the Bangladesh Army. It contains three houses, each headed by a housemaster, selected from among the senior members of the teaching staff.

School uniform[edit]

All students wear a uniform similar to those of cadet officers in military academy in academic hours. This consists of short sleeves in afternoon games and sports, and long sleeves with a tie, which is effectively a strip of the college colors, during their evening activities. There are some variations in the uniforms worn by boys in authority.


Bearing the motto "Perseverance is Success", Pabna Cadet College started its normal activities as a complete institution on 7 August 1981. It was first a residential model school. Abdul Bashar, the then Principal of Residential Model School, handed over its full control to Syed Salimullah, Project Director and founder Principal of Pabna Cadet College, on 15 May 1981. The college began to run with a total strength of 170 boys of the former residential model school in four classes.

At present there are 310 cadets in six classes from class vii to xii.

Inter cadet college competitions[edit]

pabna cadet college is actively participating in inter cadet college competitions both sports and cultural sectors. In the recent Inter cadet college basketball and volleyball meet-2015, PCC has become runners-up in basketball competition. Side by side, this institution has glorious history in football,swimming and other games and sports. In the biyearly competition the most popular and the most competitive Inter cadet college literary and music meet, this college has the richest history.In ICCLMM 2016, PCC has become champion in literary and in overall position.PCC has unquestionable dominance in the music arena also.


Pabna Cadet College is located at Jalalpur, Pabna beside the Dhaka-Pabna highway. It is located six kilometers east of Pabna city,near Bagchipara market.


Academic Block (Jahangir Bhaban named after Bir Sreshtho Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir) is a modern three storey building which is the centre of teaching activity. The building houses the classrooms, art gallery, computer lab, science labs, language lab, various academic departments, the Vice Principal's Office and the Staff Lounge (staffroom).


The three boarding houses (BHASANI,TITUMIR AND SIRAJI House) are WITHIN ONE large THREE STORIED building, capable of accommodating 300 cadets in each. The housing complex is secured with a boundary wall and 24-hour guard.

Cadet Mess[edit]

(Bir Sreshtho Matiur Dining Hall named after Bir Sreshtho Flight Lieutenant Matiur Rahman).


A beautiful college mosque is there.


(Mostofa Auditrium, named after Bir Srestho Sepoy Mostafa Kamal) has a modern stage and audio visual facilities. The two storied building can comfortably seat 450 persons.

College Hospital[edit]

(Bir Sreshtha Nur Muhammad Hospital named after Bir Sreshtho Lance Naik Nur Mohammad Sheikh.

College Library[edit]

(Bir Sreshtho Rouf Library named after Bir Sreshtho Lance Naik Munshi Abdur Rouf)

Administrative Building[edit]

The central office building is has two storeys. The Principal's Office, Adjutant's Office, Admin Office, Accounts Office and others are located here. The national and college flags fly in front of this building.

Cadet Canteen[edit]

Cadets can purchase essential commodities and dry foods from the cadets' canteen. Cadets are issued monthly coupons as payment. Cadets are not permitted to carry cash.The name of the canteen is shahid cadet iqbal cafeteria.

Residential accommodation[edit]

The residential area is located on northern side of dhaka-pabna Road. The college provides accommodation to all employees. There is also a two storeyed block to provide accommodation for unmarried male staff members.


  • Generator Room and Electric Power Station
  • Pump House
  • Vehicle Shed
  • Dhobi and Tailor Shop
  • Dairy Farm


The academic situation of this renowned cadet college is well known in Bangladesh. It scores A+ in both public exam SSC, HSC of Bangladesh. it is consecutivetly winning the chairman's trophy of the governing bodies of cadet colleges for its academic excellence in the board exams.


Administration key figures include a principal (a Lt. Colonel ranking officer from Army/Navy/Air Force or a very senior faculty teacher), a vice principal (a very senior faculty teacher), an adjutant (an Army major), a medical officer (a captain/major from the Army Medical Core), and three house masters and faculty teachers. The administrative system surrounds the principal. The principal is the key figure in the administrative system.He/she plays main role in every administrative situation. the vice principal is the main head of academic activities.He/she is the main responsible person to administer and maintain academics activities. The adjutant is the head of disciplinary section. He/she also contributes to the overall administrative system as an auxiliary hand of the principal. Medical officer remains concerned about the medical issues both cadets/officers/employees. The house master is the person who shoulders overall responsibility of separate house.

Notable alumni[edit]

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