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Basketball commemorating 2002 Hall of Honor inductees

The Pac-12 Conference Men's Basketball Hall of Honor recognizes former men's college basketball players and coaches who have made a significant impact to the tradition and heritage of the Pac-12 Conference.[1] Established in 2002, one honoree is selected by each member institution in the conference annually.[2][3] The inductions occur during the Pac-12 Conference Men's Basketball Tournament.[2] The conference was named the Pacific-10 before it expanded in the 2011–12 season with Colorado and Utah.

Year Name School Ref
Elliott, SeanSean Elliott Arizona
Scott, ByronByron Scott Arizona State
Newell, PetePete Newell California
Dick, JohnJohn Dick Oregon
Payton, GaryGary Payton Oregon State
Luisetti, HankHank Luisetti Stanford
Wooden, JohnJohn Wooden UCLA
Sharman, BillBill Sharman USC
Houbregs, BobBob Houbregs Washington
Ehlo, CraigCraig Ehlo Washington State
Kerr, SteveSteve Kerr Arizona
Wulk, NedNed Wulk Arizona State
Johnson, KevinKevin Johnson California
Hobson, HowardHoward Hobson Oregon
Gill, SlatsSlats Gill Oregon State
Lichti, ToddTodd Lichti Stanford
Abdul-Jabbar, KareemKareem Abdul-Jabbar UCLA
Winter, TexTex Winter USC
Harshman, MarvMarv Harshman Washington
Friel, JackJack Friel Washington State
Reeves, KhalidKhalid Reeves Arizona
Lever, FatFat Lever Arizona State
Kidd, JasonJason Kidd California
Lee, RonRon Lee Oregon
Counts, MelMel Counts Oregon State
Dallmar, HowieHowie Dallmar Stanford
Hazzard, WaltWalt Hazzard UCLA
Boyd, BobBob Boyd USC
Edwards, JamesJames Edwards Washington
Raveling, GeorgeGeorge Raveling Washington State
Williams, PetePete Williams Arizona
Caldwell, JoeJoe Caldwell Arizona State
Imhoff, DarrallDarrall Imhoff California
Rasmussen, BlairBlair Rasmussen Oregon
Lewis, EdEd Lewis Oregon State
Kelley, RichRich Kelley Stanford
Goodrich, GailGail Goodrich UCLA
Rudometkin, JohnJohn Rudometkin USC
Nichols, JackJack Nichols Washington
Conley, GeneGene Conley Washington State
Stoudamire, DamonDamon Stoudamire Arizona
Hollins, LionelLionel Hollins Arizona State
Wolfe, AndyAndy Wolfe California
Loscutoff, JimJim Loscutoff Oregon
Miller, RalphRalph Miller Oregon State
Keefe, AdamAdam Keefe Stanford
Barksdale, DonDon Barksdale UCLA
Layton, MoMo Layton USC
Hawes, SteveSteve Hawes Washington
Donaldson, JamesJames Donaldson Washington State
Mills, ChrisChris Mills Arizona
House, EddieEddie House Arizona State
Critchfield, RussRuss Critchfield California
Harter, DickDick Harter Oregon
Johnson, SteveSteve Johnson Oregon State
Yardley, GeorgeGeorge Yardley Stanford
Wilkes, JamaalJamaal Wilkes UCLA
Riley, RonRon Riley USC
Welp, ChristianChristian Welp Washington
Hanson, VinceVince Hanson Washington State
Simon, MilesMiles Simon Arizona
Lister, AltonAlton Lister Arizona State
Johnson, CharlesCharles Johnson California
Brandon, TerrellTerrell Brandon Oregon
Rocha, RedRed Rocha Oregon State
Dose, TomTom Dose Stanford
Johnson, MarquesMarques Johnson UCLA
Westphal, PaulPaul Westphal USC
Nelson, LouieLouie Nelson Washington
Hendrickson, MarkMark Hendrickson Washington State
Olson, LuteLute Olson Arizona
Youree, RoyceRoyce Youree Arizona State
Price, NibsNibs Price California
Ballard, GregGreg Ballard Oregon
Valenti, PaulPaul Valenti Oregon State
Pollard, JimJim Pollard Stanford
Warren, MichaelMichael Warren UCLA
Williams, GusGus Williams USC
Schrempf, DetlefDetlef Schrempf Washington
Fontaine, IsaacIsaac Fontaine Washington State
Bibby, MikeMike Bibby Arizona
Veal, JeremyJeremy Veal Arizona State
Robinson, EarlEarl Robinson California
Wilkins, KenyaKenya Wilkins Oregon
Gambee, DaveDave Gambee Oregon State
Arrillaga, JohnJohn Arrillaga Stanford
Miller, ReggieReggie Miller UCLA
Block, JohnJohn Block USC
Recasner, EldridgeEldridge Recasner Washington
Lindemann, PaulPaul Lindemann Washington State
Dickerson, MichaelMichael Dickerson Arizona
Austin, IsaacIsaac Austin Arizona State
McKeen, BobBob McKeen California
Warren, CharlieCharlie Warren Oregon
White, CharlieCharlie White Oregon State
Knight, BrevinBrevin Knight Stanford
MacLean, DonDon MacLean UCLA
Miner, HaroldHarold Miner USC
MacCulloch, ToddTodd MacCulloch Washington
Sundquist, RayRay Sundquist Washington State
Richard Jefferson Arizona
Kurt Nimphius Arizona State
Lamond Murray California
Burdette Haldorson Colorado
Jim Barnett Oregon
A. C. Green Oregon State
George Selleck Stanford
Ed O'Bannon UCLA
Sam Barry USC
Arnie Ferrin Utah
George Irvine Washington
Steve Puidokas Washington State
Jason Gardner Arizona
Dennis Hamilton Arizona State
Shareef Abdur-Rahim California
Cliff Meely Colorado
Chuck Rask Oregon
Charlie Sitton Oregon State
Ron Tomsic Stanford
Lucius Allen UCLA
Forrest Twogood USC
Keith Van Horn Utah
Nate Robinson Washington
Jim McKean Washington State
Luke Walton Arizona
Verl Heap Arizona State
Dave Butler California
Ken Charlton Colorado
Fred Jones Oregon
Lee Harman Oregon State
Mark Madsen Stanford
Tyus Edney UCLA
Wayne Carlander USC
Billy McGill Utah
Brandon Roy Washington
Ed Gayda Washington State
Fred Snowden Arizona
Ron Riley Arizona State
Sean Lampley California
Jim Davis Colorado
Anthony Taylor Oregon
Jim Jarvis Oregon State
Casey Jacobsen Stanford
Dave Meyers UCLA
Alex Hannum USC
Danny Vranes Utah
Jon Brockman Washington
Bennie Seltzer Washington State
Salim Stoudamire Arizona
Art Becker Arizona State
Brian Hendrick California
Scott Wedman Colorado
Luke Ridnour Oregon
Jim Anderson Oregon State
Kim Belton Stanford
Keith Erickson UCLA
Sam Clancy USC
Vern Gardner Utah
Isaiah Thomas Washington
Keith Morrison Washington State
Bob Elliott Arizona
Wheeler, TarenceTarence Wheeler Arizona State
Randle, JeromeJerome Randle California
Billups, ChaunceyChauncey Billups Colorado
Jackson, StuStu Jackson Oregon
Blume, RayRay Blume Oregon State
Montgomery, MikeMike Montgomery Stanford
Greenwood, DavidDavid Greenwood UCLA
Vaughn, RalphRalph Vaughn USC
Miller, AndreAndre Miller Utah
Pondexter, QuincyQuincy Pondexter Washington
Daniel, CarlosCarlos Daniel Washington State

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