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OS familyUnix-like (BSD)
Working stateActive
Source modelOpen source
Latest release(Rolling release) / August 14, 2017; 3 years ago (2017-08-14)
Marketing targetGeneral purpose
Update methodpacman
Package managerpacman
Kernel typeMonolithic with dynamically loadable modules
Default user interfaceCommand-line interface
LicenseFree software (FreeBSD License, FreeBSD Documentation License)

PacBSD (formerly known as Arch BSD[1]) was an operating system based on Arch Linux, but uses the FreeBSD kernel instead of the Linux kernel[2] and the GNU userland. The PacBSD project began on an Arch Linux forum thread[3] in April 2012. It aims to provide an Arch-like user environment, utilizing the OpenRC init system, the pacman package manager, and rolling-release.

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