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Pac & Pal
Pac & Pal Coverart.png
Japanese arcade flyer
Composer(s)Yuriko Keino
  • JP: July 30, 1983
Mode(s)Up to 2 players, alternating turns
CabinetUpright, cocktail
Arcade systemSuper Pac-Man
CPU2 × 6809 @ 1.536 MHz
Sound1 × Namco WSG @ 1.536 MHz
DisplayVertical orientation, Raster, 224 x 288 resolution

Pac & Pal (Japanese: パック&パル, Hepburn: Pakku ando Paru) is an arcade game released by Namco on July 30, 1983 in Japan. As is usually the case in Pac-Man games, the goal is to clear the maze without being caught by the ghosts, but here the edibles must first be unlocked by turning over cards found in the maze. Introduced in this game is Miru (ミル), the "Pal" of the title, a ghost who assists with collecting unlocked items, and also the ability for Pac-Man to shoot and stun the ghosts.

A US release from Midway under the name Pac-Man & Chomp Chomp never made it to market.[1]


Miru is a small green ghost with a hair bow who is invulnerable to other ghosts and Pac-Man. After an item has been unlocked unlocked, Miru will attempt to carry into the ghost house. This helps in clearing the round, and if she brings the last one there, it ends the round. In order to get the maximum number of points from the items on each round (and a perfect bonus at the end), Pac-Man must either eat them first or intercept them from Miru.

Instead of energizers, two of the edible items are the round's particular bonus item, which are displayed at the bottom of the screen. These start with the Galaxian flagship, and include a Rally-X flag, trumpet, and snowman. When Pac-Man eats these, he becomes blue instead of the ghosts, and briefly can emit a ray, smoke, musical notes, freezing rays and miniaturized versions of himself at the ghosts. This stuns them and yields the point sequence of 200, 400, 800, and 1600 for each ghost shot. While ghosts are stunned, Pac-Man can pass right through them. If the stunning effect wears off before the ray-shooting ability wears off, Pac-Man can shoot the ghost again for 1600 more points. The point value won't reset if Pac-Man eats the other bonus item before the effect wears off.

The third round and every fourth round thereafter is a bonus round. The maze only contains cards that each give an increasing number of points when turned over. The card with Miru under it doubles the bonus score at the end of the round. The Blinky card ends the round.

Music plays during gameplay, unlike previous Pac-Man games.

Cancelled US release[edit]

Originally, the game was going to be released in the US, with Miru replaced by Chomp Chomp, Pac-Man's dog from the animated cartoon series, with the title changing to Pac-Man & Chomp Chomp.[1] But Namco was no longer working with Midway at the time, and Pac-Man & Chomp Chomp was never released.


The game is part of the 2007 Wii compilation Namco Museum Remix as well as its 2010 update (also for Wii), Namco Museum Megamix. The game is also includes in the 1998 Windows compilation Namco History Vol. 3.

In 2019, a Pac-Man Arcade1Up countercade cabinet was released, including the original Pac-Man arcade game and Pac & Pal.


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